Victoria Towers

Victoria Towers is an thirty-four floor apartment building located in Malibu. An expensive place to live, part of the building is owned by Stone Enterprises while the property is run by Signature Service Real Estate. The building is South of Encinal Canyon and is roughly a dozen blocks away from Decker State College.


The west and south sides of the building face the ocean and offer an extravagant view. The east and north sides do offer an expansive view of Malibu itself, the east facing a beach. The building offers both indoor and outdoor parking, the latter primarily for visitors, and circles the building. Staff parking is located around the back of the first floor, with most resident parking being underground. In addition to parking the first floor boasts a fully-equipped lobby with a desk clerk and security guard, indoor pool, gym, Signature Service Real Estate office, three more rent-available offices and facilities management. There is one primary elevator but there are also three secondary ones located further inside the building, the primary one being the only one to reach certain upper floors.

The second, third, fourth and fifth floors offer modest apartments as well as some office space closer to the elevators. Each of the lower floors has four offices and twenty apartments. The upper floors each have fourteen large apartments, almost all of them possessing balconies. Floors 30 through 33 are owned by Stone Enterprises and residents on those floors are associated with the company, while the penthouse is owned by Erika Stone. Floor 32 is secretly where Erika keeps her collection of frozen women. Floor 30 has had half of its apartments (the original 3001 to 3007) combined into one massive unit, which is currently being used by Ingrid Stone.

The area beyond the visitor's parking around the building consists of old sewer land that was since built-upon to be a multi-level garden, with multiple utility sheds present. Large sewer pipes run under the property but while reaching the ocean have fallen into disuse and thus are now empty. Running off of the main tower is a space zoned for a helipad that has been stalled in construction for years, but is set to be completed in May of 2009.


Notable Residents