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Verity Knight (born 1983) is a supporting character in Manchester Chronicles. Born in the UK, Verity works for the Security Service (MI5) as a part of the Manchester Northern Branch. Verity has worked for MI5 since 2006 and works out of the Northern Operations office.



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Before Manchester

Verity was born in Southampton, England, the daughter of a plasterer and a homemaker. Growing up, Verity loved games, trying to learn chess at an early age. While chess became one of Verity's favorite games she failed to ever truly become good at it, more enjoying the complexity. Photography became another of Verity's hobbies, her parents getting her a camera for her tenth birthday. Verity would spend hours on weekends taking walks and photographing her surroundings, admiring the detail. While not the most social of girls, Verity still had her friends, and she often stood up for them when encountering bullies. Imperial College London ultimately accepted Verity when she was old enough to attend university, her curious mind wanting to see the biggest city in her home country.

London ended up being a bit intimidating for Verity at first, as while Southampton wasn't small she still hadn't been prepared for the experience. During her first year, Verity studied political science. After some exhaustion and unfortunate experiences, Verity rebounded with some help from her new friend Tamera Flick and changed to Security Studies. With a new focus, Verity ended up catching the eye of the UK's Security Service (MI5). Upon her graduation from Imperial College Verity joined the service, and soon after met Kieran Hawthorne, who was at the time serving in the British Army's Special Reconnaissance Regiment. The two fell for one another, dating for over a year and even moving in together. Unfortunately, Kieran abruptly left the army, a shadow of possible insubordination cast over him. Verity and Kieran soon broke up, with him moving to Manchester.

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Conflicts of Interest

A year later, Verity herself ended up in Manchester, working with Interpol to try and apprehend Felicia Silvermane. During the assignment Verity encountered Kieran once more, meeting Heather Prescott and also learning about Type-7. Ultimately a new Northern Operations office would be set up for MI5 in Manchester, with Verity assigned to it alongside Georgina MacKenzie. While Verity's feelings for Kieran may not have entirely dissipated, she remained frustrated with a lack of knowledge on why he left the army. It was at the Friends in Need Charity Ball that Verity got her answers, attending alongside Larissa and Georgina after Margaret Archer and Serena Archer were confirmed to be attending. Ziba Khoroushi was also present at the ball, Kieran admitting this his former superior had pressured him into sleeping with her, and he'd instead gotten discharged to end the situation. While processing the news, Verity was surprised when the ball was attacked by the Crown Breakers, the terrorists also employing Type-7. Undercover, Verity and her group were able to wait until Ziba caused a distraction before making their own move, stealing enemy weapons to freeze them rather than kill them. Verity managed to hold her own, only ending up frozen after a desperate attack was made when the mastermind fled. Following the incident, Kieran and Verity seemed to be in a better place, a renewed sense of friendship established between them.

Weeks after the incident Verity succumbed to depression, as it was her birthday and her only friend present was Larissa Penbrook. Drunk and wallowing in self-pity, Verity was targeted by Ebo of Dragon's Den. Hired by Felicia Silvermane, Ebo was only thwarted due to Larissa phoning Kieran to try and get him to come and cheer Verity up. Ultimately Heather proved invaluable that night, helping to cheer the officer up and leading to a possible true friendship between the two women. Verity remained unaware that Ebo had nearly kidnapped Larissa and herself, or that Ebo had even been present.

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Personal Information

  • Current Age: 26
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Hair Color: Dark Brunette
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Bra Size: 32A
  • Hypnosis Rating: 4
  • Current Place of Residence: Manchester, UK
  • Sexual Preference: Men
  • Favorite Foods: Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken Soup







  • Verity is physically based on actress Felicity Jones.