Utopia Holdings is a company founded by Scott Dawson and Ryoshi Tenzo. Based out of Utopia Towers in Caxias Do Sul, the company is both a legitimate business with multiple branches and a front for Scott and Ryoshi's personal operations. As of 2009 Utopia Holdings has an annual revenue of roughly 1 billion USD.


Utopia Cruises

Poster for Utopia Travel

Utopia Holdings is divided into several subsidiaries. Utopia Property management covers real estate owned by the company which includes Utopia Towers located in Caxias Do Sul, Eden Twin Towers located Novo Hamburgo, Zion Tower located in Porto Alegre along with the New Haven strip mall. Utopia Travel covers any transportation available and Utopia Security covers security that can cover the first two subsidiaries. Utopia Travel owns several cars, yachts and a private aircraft, Utopia Cruises being their boat division. The company expanded massively in March of 2009, acquiring Talon Protection and several new managers.


Board of Trustees

Support Staff


Utopia Real Estate and Utopia Development

Utopia Travel

Talon Protection


General Staff

Magic Items


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