A Uranus Generator is a large-scale version of a Time-Stopper, designed to replicate the effects of hte Temporal Gene on a global scale.


The generator is a massive machine, requiring a large amount of electricity to power. In addition a large sample of genetic material is needed, meaning several samples need to be gathered over a period of time lest the subject suffer ill effects from the acquisition process. When powered the generator unleashes a massive shock-wave that encompasses the entire planet, freezing anything it makes contact with and covering the planet in less than three seconds if working properly. The only way to protect oneself from the wave is to use a counter-device which causes the wave to wrap around the object and anything protected by it. Unlike with Time-Stoppers the wave must be maintained daily or it will deteriorate, thus even more power is needed.


Julio Sanchez put forward the idea to use genetic material from Erika Stone to create their own time-stopping device, and after silencing the one director against the plan (Ronald Fisher) the plan moved forward. After Erika Stone was acquired Mary Hamilton was charged with designing the generator, though she got a great deal of help from other scientists including Karen Draskal. From the generator itself the Time-Stopper devices were created as smaller prototypes. Ultimately the machine was built in Vancouver and it did work, freezing time almost instantly, but due to sabotoge the machine broke down and was destroyed.

Both the ITEA and Ashley Tisdale have attempted to replicate the Uranus Generator with mixed success. Marika Heino and Makeda Getachew were able to make a functional device, but it wasn't clear how efficient it was and Colette Landry cover up the results. Ashley never had a chance to finish hers as she was captured first.

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