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Welcome to the Tuckerverse! The Tuckerverse, so called due to the main character of the series being Tucker Holmes, exists in a parallel Earth where the people are similar but a combination of science and magic has led to several people discovering ways to freeze time itself, or at least freeze people. The Tuckerverse Wiki exists to help keep track of the world's massive cast of characters as well as storylines and the timeline itself.

The stories themselves can be found on the Timeline, with them published either on Our Deviant Art Page or at the LTBSA.

This wiki is best seen in MonoBook, because the other look is garbage.

A handy page that doesn't really have a category is the Actors List, which gives you a giant list of actors and actresses we've cast in roles already (granted they aren't all REAL actors), as well as some people we may use down the line. It is important to note that just recently it was decided to cast everyone as most characters do have a real-life inspiration, thus avoiding the method for some stories but not others seemed odd.



Series and Characters

Other Topics

The IT Files

Miranda's HolidayTasia's Gift

Manchester Chronicles

Underhanded DealingsI Want a New Drug

Special Pages

TuckerverseTimelineActors ListCollectionsYen FamilyChrono Alliance

Note: Retired main characters are listed in italics

Tucker's Wand

Tucker HolmesHaley LeoneMaggie YenMadison Yen

The Princess and The Clock

Maggie YenSusie KimCindy VuRose MazzaMadison Yen

The IT Files

Lucienne ChristopheTasia SpiroHui LanCassandra FlickMarika BranMiranda OhalaJean-Baptiste OdilonColette LandryJelena HendrailleSonia CastilloKioni AbasiErika StoneScott DawsonRyoshi Dawson

Spydoll Inc

Chloe NoiJamie Mosley-NoiKyla Abonde

Manchester Chronicles

Kieran HawthorneHeather Prescott

Tales from the Tuckerverse

Julie VaughnKat VaughnPamela FlipspatrickDeidre HowardDakota JacksonPetunia GreerTina LyPiper CrossSusie KimMichelle GimSandy Vanholt

Maggie's Clock

Maggie YenCindy VuKansas Wilkins


Erika StoneScott DawsonMary HamiltonLucienne ChristopheTasia SpiroAshley Tisdale


Children of HecateDecker State CollegeDragon's DenFoster & McBrideGorgon SisterhoodInternational Temporal Enforcement AgencyInterpolLady RaptorsLady SharksMalibu State CollegeModels IncNoi IndustriesOtaku LAOuroborosParadise FoundationPhi Sigma DeltaScooby GangSpydoll IncStilton CorporationStone EnterprisesT&M ProductionsUtopia Holdings


BaldwinCadejoCaxias Do SulCheonDartfordHamunaptraHong KongHoustonLondonLos AngelesMadridMalibuManchesterMelbourneNew YorkOceansideParisPhiladelphiaSalt Lake CitySan FranciscoSchattenjägerSeattleStillsvilleSturmhavenThokozaniTokyoVancouverVolosWashington D.C.

Knowledge and Skills

HypnosisMagicMagic ItemsNatural AbilitiesScience and Technology



Latest activity

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