Tucker's Wand is the flagship story series of the Tuckerverse, primarily following Tucker Holmes, though sometimes other cast members take the spotlight for a story. The main rule for a Tucker's Wand story is that Tucker must appear in some fashion, as well as that the main subject must be that of the Wand of Kronos.

There are currently Twenty-Six Tucker's Wand stories. Each story is prefaced with "Tucker's Wand" and a story number. For simplicity each story is categorized on the Wiki by their name rather than number.

Basic Storylines

The stories are, by and far, about Tucker Holmes and his growth over time while at the same time his fun antics with a literal magic wand that's capable of freezing time with nothing but a few taps. Maggie Yen and Haley Leone also appear the most frequently, the pair growing with Tucker.

Tucker's own story involves him going to college while at the same time trying to find what he really wants in life. A bit of a slacker, Tucker begins to really take charge of his life after getting the wand, including attempting to form a strong relationship with a woman.

Maggie is more carefree than Tucker, even becoming somewhat dependent on Tucker's magic. This was eventually dealt with when Maggie built her Clock, but in spite of going to school she still lacks a goal in life and is avoiding commitment.

Haley started as an aspiring model who worked for her uncle Mario Leone at one of his newspaper stands and dated rich men in hopes of getting a break into the fashion industry. Harboring a slight crush on her neighbor Tucker, due to how genuine he was, the two soon formed a relationship which in turn helped Haley skyrocket to the top of the fashion industry, in no small part thanks to Zoe Hollander's interest in her. Haley has since broken up with Tucker but later moved in with him, realizing she'd made a mistake when doing the former. Tucker is, however, currently dating Julie Vaughn.