The IT Files is, in essence, a sequel series to Clockwork, featuring most of that series main cast, though Clockwork does still continue. IT Files covers characters who originally only appeared in Clockwork in smaller side-stories, showing the adventures of the new International Temporal Enforcement Agency and others related to it.

Basic Storylines

IT Files generally lacks a specific narrative, telling a series of one-off adventures with IT personnel that has them change, grow and the like as well as see them deal with post-Paradise Foundation threats. A more recent storyline deals with a secret organization called Ouroboros becoming a sort of successor to Paradise, having agents work to exploit the illegal use of Type-7 and other technologies the ITEA enforces. Following that incident Sonia Castillo became the director of the ITEA and a new arc showed the changes and fallout resulting from this.

Scott Dawson and Ryoshi Dawson are also the focus in Utopia Holdings stories, and Erika Stone is the focus of the Gorgon Sisterhood arc.


New Agency Stories

Ouroboros Arc

Sonia Castillo Arc

Utopia Holdings Stories

Gorgon Sisterhood Arc





  • All the characters of this series minor, supporting or main all have celebrity counterparts much like a movie. This is tradition that has been carried over from the Clockwork series.

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