Team Zeta is a field team which is a part of the International Temporal Enforcement Agency. A four person team led by Sophia Katsopolis, the team is diverse but aside from Sophia the team used to lack field experience, thus Zeta was nicknamed the 'rookie squad.'


Team Zeta was formed in early 2009 in an attempt to deal with the current issues regarding Team Alpha, which was without a leader. Sophia Katsopolis was not interested in leading a team so the next most senior member of Alpha, Palmira Tiago, was given permission to form a new team with some currently unassigned rookie agents. Kioni Abasi and Nessa Kelly were the first two recruited, both being experienced in the field already and capable of handling themselves while Anna Federov was a slightly later addition, the team needing a linguist. After the fall of Ouroboros Palmira resigned from the ITEA, leading Sophia Katsopolis to be made their new commander.






Mr. Water

  • Location: Nosal Ski Resort, Poland

After Barry Finnegan took the Nosal Ski Resort hostage, which included members of the ITEA who were there on vacation, Team Zeta was sent in as they were the team able to respond the quickest. Finnegan had strong defenses prepared however and only Kioni managed to reach his position, at which point after a fight he nearly gained the upper hand but Tasia Spiro arrived and subdued the target.


After the kidnapping of several ITEA agents Team Zeta was deployed with several others to New York to take down Richard Stilton and his Ouroboros organization. As Palmira Tiago was captured Sophia Katsopolis was made team leader.

Howe Street Boys II

The Howe Street Boys kidnapped several people, including some of the ITEA's own. Team Zeta worked with GRID to rescue the hostages and captured several members of the gang. After the incident some of the gang members were rescued from custody and their status is unknown.

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