Team Epsilon is a field team which is a part of the International Temporal Enforcement Agency. A four person team led by Ivan Popov, the team specializes in general investigation but lacks someone skilled in espionage.


Being an experienced team leader with Interpol, Ivan Popov was given the right to lead Team Epsilon, only getting assigned such a low letter in the ancient Greek alphabet because he was one of the last ITEA founding members to sign on. In spite of looking to form a large team Ivan was originally only assigned Makeda Getachew, the scientist to his more detective-like style. Later in early December 2008 Malai Kasem was assigned to the team and it began getting proper assignments. In March 2009 Victor Morozov was added to the team as a tactical expert.




Operation Winter Warlock

  • Location: Winnipeg, Canada

A man supplied by Mike Bailey before his arrest was roaming Winnipeg and freezing people in the street so he could rob them. Figuring out the pattern Makeda acted as bait, using a Type-7 Chip to not be frozen and then arrest the criminal.

Howe Street Boys

  • Location: London, UK

Team Epsilon and other ITEA personnel were at a West End play when the Howe Street Boys used Type-7 to freeze the guests in hopes of robbing them. The team retaliated and in the end most of the gang was caught save for one who escaped.

Temporal Training

  • Location: New Dehli, India

The team was requested by Interpol India to teach its agents about Type-7 and how to deal with it.

Adrianna Dashkov

The team works with Interpol to track and capture Adrianna Dashkov, who was seeking the help of Sombra de la Mano. Adrianna eluded capture but Sombra was taken down. Yeardley Luxby acted as a DEA liaison.


After the kidnapping of several ITEA agents Team Epsilon was deployed with Team Delta to Waterloo Station in the hope of catching Ouroboros agents behind the act. The ploy failed and Malai was frozen by a Chrono Flash. The team was then deployed to New York in hopes of taking down Ouroboros.

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