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Tasia Spiro (born 1980) is a main character in Clockwork and The IT Files, while also being a supporting character in Tucker's Wand. A former Interpol agent, Tasia is now with the International Temporal Enforcement Agency. For the ITEA Tasia serves as an Assistant Director of the Espionage Wing as well as the leader of Team Alpha and possesses the Temporal Gene.


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Born in Volos, Greece, to Sea of Enchantment owners Lykaon Spiro and Vervana Spiro, Tasia Spiro grew up dreaming of being a spy. by the time the Soviet Union fell Tasia started to see the era of the classic spy games to be changing, and it grew a bit less appealing. Changing her ambition slightly, Tasia worked to join Interpol, wanting to help keep the world safe on an international level. In her youth, Tasia didn't struggle financially, per parents doing alright for themselves thanks to their ever-expanding resort, though she maintained few friendships and was bullied more than once. Tryfon Metaxas was a prominent figure in her life, teaching her to cook traditional Greek food and telling her about Interpol, feeding her interest in spies and law enforcement. A simple hooded sweatshirt Tryfon gave Tasia right before she left Volos to work for Interpol remains one of her more treasured possessions.

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Rookie Agent

Three years after being recruited Tasia had already made herself known as being skilled in undercover work, her past dreams of being a spy aiding her greatly. In spite of still being considered green by some of her superiors, Tasia was put on the fast-track for leading a task force and assigned to work under Lucienne Christophe, who was leading an investigation into a series of international thefts. During the assignment, Tasia and Lucienne grew close, but after discovering Erika Stone was behind the thefts Tasia was kidnapped. By the time she was brought to Malibu Tasia had recovered from Erika's Type-7 drug and, after quickly learning how it worked, freed Lucienne and the rest of her team, but not before admitting she had feelings for her commander. Though Erika ultimately escaped Interpol was satisfied and Lucienne and Tasia started a relationship, also becoming partners after the task force was disbanded.

A few months later Tasia joined Lucienne's new task force, this one co-led by Aisha Reynolds and charged with solving the case of disappearing super-models. During the assignment both Lucienne and Aisha were left frozen for a time, forcing Cassandra Flick to take command and bring the team the closest to capturing the kidnappers, but ultimately it took the efforts of other Interpol agents to save the day. While the kidnappers were captured they were rescued and some of Tasia's team was kidnapped, though they were presumed dead, thus Tasia and Lucienne's relationship was a bit strained while they mourned.

Months later Tasia was a team leader under Lucienne's expanded task force, who were once again after kidnappers, though this time the targets were also political in nature. Tasia proved invaluable in helping take on their foe, which was revealed to be the Paradise Foundation, but she was later captured and it was her capture that led to an ambush during a prisoner exchange, which was her for Erika. Fortunately, Erika managed to help the Interpol agents escape and ultimately the Paradise Foundation was shut down. Erika was pardoned for her past crimes and Tasia learned that she, like Erika, could stop time through intense concentration. This revelation led to Tasia and Erika becoming good friends.

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Tasia captured by Ashley Tisdale

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Team Leader

When Lucienne was allowed to form the International Temporal Enforcement Agency Tasia came with her, being made a senior member of the organization and the leader of Team Alpha. This caused some internal problems as Tasia was still young in spite of her solid command abilities, which caused some nasty rumors about Tasia and Lucienne's relationship. The pair none the less remained together, in spite of a possible image problem, but it helped that many other people within the agency were also in relationships.

Team Alpha was assigned to hunting down Charles Truman III, who'd gotten his hands on Type-7, and during this mission, Tasia first met Tucker Holmes. The two shared their time-stopping secrets with one another and Tucker ultimately saved Tasia from the well-prepared criminal, a bond forming between the two. Tasia also took to training new members of IT, including working with Kioni Abasi in tracking down Barry Finnegan and saving Erika from Talieya Antzas.

Tasia and Lucienne's relationship began to strain, Tasia starting to abuse her power and ignore Lucienne's needs in favor of her own. When Ashley Tisdale returned Tasia found herself leading a rapidly collapsing ITEA and brought Tucker in for questioning. Tasia was ultimately beaten by Chloe Noi but Tucker and his uncle Scott Dawson were able to save her and many others. Following Ashley's capture, Tasia was suspended from duty due to her impulsive decisions when taking charge, also needing to be a scapegoat to satisfy Interpol and the United Nations. The suspension from duty also suspended Tasia's relationship with Lucienne.

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Tasia frozen at Tucker's House

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Suspension and Return

Trying to make the best of her forced vacation, Tasia temporarily moved to Malibu and was given an apartment by Erika. Confused and wanting to just have fun, Tasia visited Tucker and the pair began having an affair, Tucker even having to call in Erika to help keep Tasia under control. The affair eventually ended with the end of Tasia's suspension. During Christmas of 2008, Tasia joined Erika and her friends in a trip to Cadejo staying at a beachfront resort. During the trip Kristin Colt used an Obedience Wishing Bear on Tasia and the others to make them submit to her, but Tasia eventually managed to rescue everyone after interference from Jemma Caulfield. It was Tasia who pushed to destroy the bear, fearing it too powerful, and she ultimately burned it after making sure no one would remember it existed.

Over a month later, and after from Monica that an IT team was being sent to rescue people trapped at a resort that included Lucienne, Tasia booked a flight and flew in to save the day, managing to succeed where Team Zeta had failed. The rescue, which led to the capture of the now well-funded Barry Finnegan, prompted Tasia's return to duty as well as her reunion with her girlfriend, the relationship resuming where it had left off. Unfortunately, Lucienne had been seeing Takahishi Nakamura while the couple was broken up and it hadn't stopped since the reunion, prompting Tasia and Tak to meet and discuss what to do. Tasia was shortly after kidnapped by Ouroboros to use as a contributor to the Immortality Gate and, after her rescue, found herself demoted within the ITEA thanks to Sonia Castillo being the new director.

Tasia took some allowed recovery time off from work to travel to LA for Tucker's birthday, present at the same time as Colette Landry but never aware of her presence. Nearly two weeks after Tasia returned to London Lucienne broke up with Tasia, tired of her attitude and wanting a more stable relationship. Tasia initially took her break-up with Lucienne in stride, though it helped in part that after the ordeal with Ouroboros she was required to attend sessions with Rory Becker. Tasia came to view Rory as a friend, unaware that he was secretly using her ability for his own amusement. Assigned, with her team, to protect an annual fashion show in Paris, Tasia ended up falling for Devon Von Krieger. After the show Tasia hooked up with Devon and Lacey Finnegan, the three forming a relationship with Lacey being a sort of mutual lover.

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Awakening Power

Tasia was with Devon and Lacey when Sandy Vanholt used the Durga Hourglass and Stillsville Camera to stop time, her Temporal Gene protecting her but leaving her stuck in London. After helping Erika, who was also not frozen, coordinate with the ITEA, Tasia decided to explore a frozen London with no known time limit. Erika stumbled across several co-workers, some intentionally, and soon became taken with Mira Stolar. Stopping at places like The Great Seal and The Lion Head Pub, Tasia eventually arrived at Kioni Abasi's home. In Kioni's basement Tasia discovered that the woman had been keeping several criminals as statues, intrigued by the idea. Eventually the Chrono Alliance was able to stop Sandy and gave Tasia time to restore some of the changes she'd made, but on her way to do so she noticed an irregularity inside West Ten. Inside the store Tasia was ambushed by Ceara Archer, who, like her, possessed the Temporal Gene. The two ended up quickly becoming friends, and two days later Ceara took Tasia out on a private tour of some royal family related locations. While on the excursion Tasia was offered a job by Ceara, who was a bit taken with her, but she turned it down. Tasia also discovered her Gene had not only potentially become stronger but she'd gained the ability to freeze people with her kiss if she willed it, the kiss even causing a few seconds of memory loss.

Days after the event Tasia approached Tiamat, a member of Dragon's Den who'd once stayed at her family resort, to put her in contact with an expert in Hypnosis. Tasia ended up hiring King Cobra, who hypnotized Galia Lazarus and Moira Kelly into keeping the scan of Tasia's brain a secret. The results of the test confirmed that Tasia's ability to stop time had in fact seemingly become weaker, despite evidence to the contrary, while her new freezing kiss ability was the result of her true power awakening. It was speculated that being near Erika Stone for an extended period of time somehow caused Tasia's own gene to mutate, only manifesting properly after the Temporal Crisis. The inconsistency behind Tasia's ability to stop time is not yet clear.

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Personal Information

  • Current Age: 29
  • Height: 5'9.5"
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Hair Color: Dyed Blonde, Naturally Redhead
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Bra Size: 32D
  • Hypnosis Rating: 4
  • Current Place of Residence: London, UK
  • Sexual Preference: Women
  • Favorite Food: Traditional Greek Foods with Light Sauce
  • Favorite Drink: Assyrtiko Wine
  • Common Attire: Gray Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Special Notes:

Personal Items


Tasia's home is a townhouse located near downtown London. The townhouse is three stories and includes a one-car garage on the bottom floor. The bottom floor also includes utilities and laundry. The second floor has a living room, eat-in kitchen, half-bathroom and study/library used as an office. The top floor has two bedrooms, the master bedroom possessing its own bathroom and walk-in closet, as well as a full bathroom and a linen closet.

Special Skills

  • Freezing Kiss, via Temporal Gene.
  • Stopping Time, via Temporal Gene.
  • Administrative Knowledge, specifically field command.
  • Cooking, specifically Greek cuisine.
  • Drug Knowledge, able to identify most street narcotics with ease and familiar with most smuggling techniques.
  • Undercover Expertise, specializing in assuming false identities.
  • Bilingual, knowing Greek and English.










  • Tasia's physical appearance is based on that of former Miss Greece Doukissa Nomikou.
  • Out of all other IT characters Tasia has made the most appearances in Tucker's Wand stories.