Taking the Tuckerverse
Series: Non-Canon
Writer(s): Zero, FreezAntix, Dmuk
Date: Early December, 2008
Preceded By: Incredible Impromptu Mannequins - Houston Texas
Followed By: The Caribbean Caper

Taking the Tuckerverse is a Non-Canon story that crosses over the Tuckerverse with the LTBSA series The Inrcredible Impromptu Mannequins.


Darren Le Braun was hired by Vicky Sandrosi to do his hypnosis show at Vicky's in Los Angeles to help promote their holiday sale, but Carla Gomez was unaware of the deal and tries to send Darren away. Darren instead uses his hypnosis to induct the entire staff and run things his way, turning customers into living mannequins through hypnosis. As the day progresses Darren encounters several people, most notably Claire Cook who promotes him online via her personal blog and Main Street. The event becomes such a popular topic online that a team from the International Temporal Enforcement Agency shows up to make sure it isn't anything sinister.



  • The story is non-canon primarily due to the inconsistency with several characters and how they'd actually act in regards to hypnosis. While some characters are accurate, others, for example Erika Stone, would not be as susceptible as demonstrated in the story.
  • Despite the story being non-canon a great deal of it is still accurate to events going on in the Tuckerverse.

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