T&M Productions is a company that was founded in 2008 which produces cosplay merchandise, mostly calendars and posters.



Original Cosplay Calendar

Lil Chiyo

Lil Chiyo is Maggie Yen in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit. Various calendars, posters and a few other products like mugs and shirts have been produced featuring the character.

Cuddly Cute Asian Girls

A two woman calendar consisting of Cindy Vu and Maggie Yen, created by Haley Leone. The duo were posed cuddling around an apartment.

Gorgeous Girls of Fashion

A four woman calendar consisting of Victoria, Michelle Boback, Candice Robins and Wendy Hayes, created by Maggie Yen. The woman are posed in groups erotically around an apartment.

Chocolate and Vanilla

A two woman calendar consisting of Tatiana Zudovsky and Candice Robins, created by Maggie Yen. The duo were posed erotically on a couch.

The Girls of Tucker Holmes

Though never mentioned in a story the below costumes will be used in a future non-cannon story about the calender.

Cuddly Cute Asian Girls II

A three woman calendar consisting of Cindy Vu, Maggie Yen and Hitomi Maki, created by Haley Leone. The trio were posed cuddling in a bedroom.

Sync Vision Images Calendar

The calendar won a contest and helped pay for repairs to the bus belonging to the Lady Raptors.

Asian Invasion

The calendar was created for the grand opening of Asian Invasion.

Ages of Woman

Naughty Schoolgirls

Twelve women in various schoolgirl outfits, including Japanese and Catholic, and featuring women like Cindy Vu and Lisa Collins.

DC Heroines