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Susan Nari Kim (born 1990), exclusively called Susie, is a main character in Tales from the Tuckerverse and The Princess and The Clock. The unofficial leader of the Phi Sigma Delta sorority Decker State College chapter, Susie possesses the Royal Momju Necklace, which can completely control those who wear the rings linked to the said necklace. All the girls in the chapter have this ring allowing Susie to control them and even take over their bodies at her will. Susie is also a member of the Chrono Alliance and also possesses the Durga Hourglass, allowing her to stop time. Balfour Boutique employs Susie as a clerk.


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Child of Destiny

Susie Kim was born in Albany, New York to Jin Kim and Hyo-Sook Kim. An only child and the result of multiple miscarriages, Susie was considered to truly be a gift. Jin was a professor in East Asian studies at a local small college. He later became the department head, a position which he keeps till this day. Hyo-Sook who was a former model turned small time fashion designer owns and runs the biggest fashion boutique in the upstate New York area. It is through Hyo-Sook's bloodline that Susie is able to master and use the Royal Momju Necklace. The elder Kim had owned the necklace for over twenty years before passing it on to her daughter.

From an early age Susie was given lessons on how to use the necklace. While Susie didn't fully understand what was being asked of her, she still quickly took to her training. A natural student, Susie excelled in both her private lessons and her academic pursuits, though it took her years to become a competent cook. Gifted with beauty from her mother and wisdom from her father, Susie was able to fit in well with social circles around her school, though she remained meek enough to reach the top of any social ladders. Graduating near the top of her class, Susie was accepted to the New York School of Fashion, but ultimately instead chose to attend Decker State College. As DSC wasn't as well-known for fashion, Susie hoped to help put the school on the map, as well as get away from the colder northeast for the warmer southwest. The fact that DSC also had a private beach just made the decision even easier for Susie.

Freshman Year

Upon arriving at Decker State College, Susie was keen to make some quick new friends by joining a sorority. As her mother was a legacy with Phi Sigma Delta, Susie pledged to them, having lucked out as the chapter had only just opened. While interested in making friends, Susie was also keen to truly use her necklace, given the sorority also offered ample candidates. Within two days every resident of the Phi Sigma Delta Sorority House was under Susie's control, Beatrice Weiner turned into her personal attendant. As Susie's main initial goal was to use the girls as fashion models she didn't alter their minds too much, Angel Mathews being a major exception. Wanting to effectively craft a new best friend out of the most anti-social girl in the sorority, Angel became Susie's most frequent plaything. Upon the arrival of Lola Guzman she also was a target of Susie's powers, a bit starstruck at meeting the daughter of a world leader. Despite her power, Susie stayed out of the power struggle between Sandy Vanholt, Amber Prescott and Nina Nichols.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

In April of 2009, Susie was trying to figure out what to do one day after finishing a project and discovered that Umiko Pine was apparently frozen at her workplace, Otaku LA. Though Umiko Susie witnessed Tucker Holmes using the Wand of Kronos and became fascinated, having not seen other magic before. After some awkwardness Susie and Tucker formally met and became fast friends, Susie taking to calling him 'Kronos' while he started calling her 'princess'. During their first meeting Tucker encouraged Susie to be more active in ringing people, resulting in her ringing Rita Hemp, as well as Candice Robins and Jennifer Yates on his behalf. Tucker also suggested Susie perhaps designate a few of her girls as permanent extra bodies, or 'shoes' as became the nickname, Leslie Chun first on Susie's list due to how comfortable her body felt when possessed. Susie did also meet Haley Leone later on, working with her to make Jennifer a better assistant. A while later Tucker got Susie's help ringing Regina Brennan to avoid having her try to arrest him, and Susie decided to leave the cop as she was, though she did change her personality to become friends with her and Tucker, even knowing their secrets. Morgan Russell and Tania DeWinter were also picked to become shoes. One day Susie was freezing everyone in the sorority house when Laura Blair showed up, somehow freezing Susie, and before Susie unfroze, Rose Mazza returned and took advantage of the frozen house.

When Sandy Vanholt used the Durga Hourglass and the Stillsville Camera to freeze time on a global scale Susie was frozen on campus with Angel and Rose while in Leslie's body. Tucker managed to unfreeze Susie and she decided to let Rose and Angel in on what was going on, despite her not having access to her necklace. Rose proved herself to be a true friend while Angel was slightly problematic, Rose further encouraging Susie to adjust the Wiccan a bit more. When given the chance to meet Erika Stone at Victoria Towers Susie was starstruck, the two quickly become friends and slightly smitten. The next day Susie was introduced to Chloe Noi, Scott Dawson, Ryoshi Dawson and both Utopia Holdings and Spydoll Inc as a whole. Tucker ended up dubbing the group the Chrono Alliance.

During the take-down of Sandy Susie finally managed to regain her body, Susie working with Tucker, Angel, and Rose to break into the sorority house and recover her girls. Unknown to the group Susie also had Angel place a ring on Ayane Nakamura, whom Susie had become infatuated with at first sight. Equipping her girls with paintball uniforms, Susie helped attack Sandy in the theater, managing to catch some of Sandy's hypnotized minions in the ensuing conflict. When it came time to clean up Susie helped immensely, not only using her women to help take care of physical labor but working with the Alliance to ring several key people. Pamela Flipspatrick and Adora Morales were temporarily given rings, both later released, though with their minds altered. Peggy Sharp, Zella Krueger, Sandra Packlin and Rachel Xanders all received permanent rings, and Ayane had taken to hers as well. In addition to the new ringings, Susie received the Durga Hourglass and ended up sharing a kiss with Tucker, though they elected not to pursue anything further.

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Befriending Erika

After the Alliance split up Susie remained with Erika, helping her out by giving Talieya Antzas and Kyriake Antzas the same treatment she'd given Adora. Soon after Susie approached Balfour Boutique, looking to potentially get a job, but Lexa Balfour was suspicious. Susie ended up blabbing about what she could do and Lexa ended up taking to it, willingly being ringed and later having Susie ring people such as Mandy Eastwood, Mora Appleton and employee Anneka Brewer. Susie and Lexa even experienced what it was like to have two minds in the same body that were aware of one another. Kyla Abonde also had Susie give her temporary control of Trina Goldworth through a ring for research purposes.

A couple of short weeks after the incident Mother's Day had arrived, and it was a tradition for the sorority to host a mother-daughter event. Susie took the chance to ring several mothers as well as a couple of sisters, even laying out plans for some: Thelma Mazza would become a hair stylist for Balfour Boutique, Gabby Newborn Susie hoped would find a job around DSC, Becky Newborn would enroll at DSC, Shelly Prescott would become Susie's link to Erika and Nance Peddleburg would replace Beatrice as the House Mother. While the ringings went well, with a few hiccups but nothing major, Susie's mother Hyo-Sook then arrived. Hyo took issue with exactly how Susie was using her necklace, taking issue with the real friends she'd made and the lack of total domination among other supposed transgressions. Using a power of those with family blood Hyo took control of Susie and made the changes she saw fit by borrowing the necklace, greatly upsetting her daughter when she was released. It was only however when it was pointed out to Susie that Hyo was, in fact, jealous of her daughter and too petty to admit it that she snapped, asking for Erika Stone to help freeze her with Type-7, Susie got her own stash of the drug. Getting permission from her father and uncle Ki-Sang Han as well, Susie let Erika 'borrow' Hyo for a 'little while.' While Susie did resent her mother's actions however she did go ahead with a few of her ideas, most notably using Rita Hemp as Shoes while also able to finally give Jaki and Leslie the same treatment.

The Princess and the Clock

Days, after Susie started reorganizing Phi Sigma Delta Tucker, came to get her help dealing with Ling Yen, who was confronting Cindy Vu about the missing Maggie Yen. Susie agreed to help and even let Tucker live out a fantasy with Sandra Packlin, though on the conditions that he let her ring Kat Vaughn in the future, albeit temporarily, that he let her ring Karina Wiese permanently and that he help her ring Nadine Vargas. Soon enough Nadine was ringed, Susie helping Tucker trick her with a fake engagement ring. Susie then proceeded to meet both Cindy and Maggie for the first time, the trio quickly enjoying a private threesome and becoming enraptured with one another. The group then met with Madison Yen, Susie temporarily ringing her to help her get up to speed and also help Tucker and Maggie better understand her. The group then worked together, with Susie also ringing Naomi Yen, Lida Wilkins and Kansas Wilkins, to get Ling to back off of freaking out too much about Maggie's disappearance. After a celebration at the Los Angeles Legion training facility Susie vowed to spend more time with Maggie, finding her to be the friend she'd never had.

A few days later Susie joined Erika for lunch at The Ruby, where she ended up learning that the billionaire not only had long lost sisters but also a new collection, including women who'd crossed her. The same day Susie ended up ringing Alana Herrera and Terra Jameson, deciding to keep the former ringed until she could run the situation by Madison. Minerva Romanoff ended up frozen by Susie after being ringed, Erika wanting her frozen for lying about being her sister and Susie obliging, removing the ring and leaving her frozen. Susie, in turn, demonstrated enough trust for Erika to leave her body behind while she mentally checked out to continue her day. Avrum Zurer also ended up being one of the first men she slept with while inhabiting the body of Jaki, wanting to help distract him for Erika as she was having fun with his partner Yeardley Luxby.

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Personal Information

  • Current Age: 19
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 114 lbs
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Hypnosis Rating: 6
  • Current Place of Residence: Malibu, US
  • Sexual Preference: Men, Women
  • Nicknames: Susie, Princess
  • Phone Number: 424-555-2368
  • Email Address:
  • Favorite Food: Eggs
  • Favorite TV Show: Savior

Personal Items


See: Phi Sigma Delta Sorority House












  • Susan based Susie Kim on herself and the physical look of Korean super star Kim Hyuna (better known just as Hyuna).
  • Susie is known by her perfect bangs and snicker-like giggle.
  • In Tucker's Wand 14 The Calendar Contest Susie portrayed Sailor Mars for the month of December.