Stone Cold Payback
Series: Manchester Chronicles
Writer(s): GreyScribbler
Link: Deviant Art
Date: Late October, 2008
Preceded By: Wax Poetic
Followed By: Shop til you Stop

Stone Cold Payback is the fifth story in the Manchester Chronicles, following Natalie Townsend as she works to deal with the increasing problem that is Rebecca Ang, as well as chronicling her meeting with Erika Stone.


At Eternal Stylz, Natalie Townsend decides to use Type-7 on Stephanie Townsend and Nonah Highfield after they both irritate her to no end. Rachel Williams, the sales manager, is convinced the pair want to roleplay as mannequins, treating them as such and liking the idea of live mannequins. Days later, Natalie sells some Type-7 to Donna Bingham and Murron McCreery, but only after demonstrating the drug on Rebecca Ang and her circle of friends. Soon after that incident, Rebecca confronts Natalie, Cayley Hawthorne and Aarti Gavankar at Trafalgar Centre, but interference from Kieran Hawthorne and Heather Prescott sees Rebecca again dealt with. Time continues to pass, with Natalie forming a sexual relationship with Jennifer Roberts and then being coerced by Stephanie into attending a Platinum Pathways meeting at the University of Knightsbridge. The meeting features special guest speaker Erika Stone but after the meeting, Cayley's new boyfriend Luke Haverstock is revealed to have only been dating her as a revenge scheme by Rebecca. The revelation sends Cayley into a funk, one Natalie hopes to fix with her more elaborate strike yet. Natalie ends up befriending Erika after the billionaire realizes Natalie froze her with Type-7, getting her back before offering to help punish Rebecca. Together the pair kidnaps Rebecca and her friends, using Type-7 to pose them as statues and collect donations for Platinum Pathways. Rebecca and her group unfreeze hours later, at first unaware of what had transpired, but soon notice the date and messages from their friends, leading them to swear even greater vengeance. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Nonah meet Madeline Faye of Platinum Pathways, and both are soon placed under hypnosis by a mysterious machine to be brainwashed.


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