The Stilton Corporation is a major business conglomorate across Europe as well as internationally. It was founded in 1976 by Richard Stilton and is currently run by Patricia Mero. SC's annual income as of 2009 is at 8 billion USD.

Public History

In 1976, shortly before his marriage to Rina Corde, Richard Stilton had a vision for a hotel that would really try to provide comfort to its customers. Initially loans were denied to Stilton who, in spite of having a doctorate in business had little money, but after marrying into the wealthy Corde family he was finally approved. By the end of 1977 Stilton Hotels was born and by mid-1978 the first hotel was proving quite profitable, leading to the rapid demand for more locations. By 1981, the year Maris Stilton was born, the first Stilton Hotel had opened in France.

By 1994 the rapidly-growing chain was present in nearly every country in Europe, the Paris and London locations even being listed amongst the greatest hotels in their respective cities. Stilton Shipping, and thus the greater brand of the Stilton Corporation, was born out of the need to eliminate third-party transporters for materials needed by the new hotels. Stilton hotels had also started appearing in North America and Asia by the end of the year. 1997 was a bad year for the corporation however as the divorce of Rina and Richard left the company's major share-holders split. Fortunately by 1999 the damage was healed and a Stilton Hotel opened in Los Angeles.

As of 2009 Stilton Hotels is one the largest hotel chains in the world, as while lacking the number of locations comparable to less marketable chains it is possibly the largest high-end chain in existence. Stilton Shipping is also the world's fifth-largest shipping company, doing a great deal of business between Asia, North America and Europe.

In march of 2009 the company faced a crisis as Richard Stilton was labelled an international terrorist and later killed in a confrontation with the International Temporal Enforcement Agency in New York. Following the death of Richard Maris Stilton, having inherited her father's controlling shares, named Patricia Mero CEO. Patricia's first act was to buy Triangle Security Services, allowing the company to better integrate security into the company and expand their horizons. Patricia's actions have managed to salvage the corporation's reputation and a near-disaster was averted. On the recommendation of Darcy Keibler Fantasy Realms was acquired roughly one month after Patricia Mero took charge.

Private History

In 2003 No Name, one of Stilton's long-time aides, was put in charge of working in the underground to find a way to control Maris, who'd become a human media circus. With money being no object, No Name went to extremes, buying an escort agency, two clubs and investing in the drug trade in hopes that Maris's activities would be controlled, even if secretly. These purchased businesses ended up proving quite profitable, becoming a secret third arm of the Stilton Corporation.

In 2008 Richard learned of Type-7 as well as the Type-7 Chip and recruited Sarah Hardy to study them. Ouroboros, a secret society within the Corporation, was formed, becoming one of the world's largest Type-7 dealers after the fall of the Paradise Foundation. Amongst the society's projects were Club Mannequin and research into the Temporal Gene, its ultimate goal to be a working Immortality Gate. The plan failed however and Richard was killed by the Gate.

After having Maris Stilton make her CEO Patricia formed the Gorgon Sisterhood to further her own secret actions. The Sanctum was created in New York and the acquisition of Dayna Richardson led to the development of Basilisk.