County: Utah
State: Utah
Country: United States
City Population: 120
Local Law Enforcement: Stillsville Sheriff's Department

Stillsville is a small community located roughly one hundred and twenty kilometers south of Salt Lake City in Utah, a part of the United States. A small town, Stillsville's main claim to fame was the mining heydays in the first half of the 20th century. The town is on Highway 15 south of Payson. Since April of 2009 the town's entire population save three have been frozen in time by magic.


Stillsville was founded in 1911 as a copper-mining town, having beforehand been just a small mining camp that people from nearby towns commuted to. The name of Stillsville came from Harold Stills, the original foreman of the mine, who helped get the town founded as well as serving as the first mayor. By the 1950s Stillsville had reached its heyday with a population of over one thousand people. After the closure of the mine in 1968 Stillsville began to slowly wither, having a population of seven-hundred by 1980. Tourism became the main means to of financial support for the dying town, Stillsville being an ideal place to stop on the way to other towns while also having the old mine converted into a tour. By 1990 the town's population was down to four-hundred and by 2007 that number had dropped to only between eighty and one-hundred and twenty. A major means of financial support for the town, besides tourism, had been the arrival of the Carter family, who'd started buying up the town in 1982.

In the early months of 2007 Isaac Carter and Annabelle Carter began using the Stillsville Camera to freeze the town's entire population. By April of 2007 the twins had succeeded and for roughly a year the entire town, save wandering local Lance Raymer, was frozen in time, its population posed around the town like statues. The Lady Raptors of Decker State College were able to restore the town. One year later the twins were freed by Petunia Greer but caught again.

Stillsville 2

Unknown to anyone at the time, the twins were casting the Circle of Time spell that then activated, freezing the entire town once more. While Isaac, Annabelle and Petunia were trapped within its boundaries Tabitha St. Claire arrived to begin converting the town into a giant wax museum. Stillsville is effectively under the control of the Children of Hecate. Farstep Gateway portals have been opened between Stillsville and both Imogen Hall in Los Angeles and Mystic Plaza in New York, both gates located inside the Carter House.


Main Street is home to thirty buildings aside from residential, while Side Street is entirely Residential apart from the town school. Main Street includes: the town hall, the hotel, the supermarket, McVicker's Butcher Shop, the clothing store, the diner, the town bank, the sheriff's office, the youth center, the doctor's office, the post office, the town garage and the hardware store.





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