Smuggling Queens

The Smuggling Queens are an elite sorority of female criminals. The undeniable top smugglers in their respective regions, the Smuggling Queens are, when united, one of the most powerful criminal alliances on Earth.


In the 1970s a Smuggling Queen who called herself Jörmungandr rose up in northeastern Europe, having formed a great criminal empire that could smuggle goods across over half of the continent. Jörmungandr was not alone, however, as in the decade that followed other female criminals were inspired by her example and followed suit. Before long four other women had risen up into similar positions of power. Soon a council was formed, and the group decided to simply dub themselves the Smuggling Queens, forming the first Queen Court. It was there that the rules were made that the Queens would work together, only fighting one another if the Court agreed it was for the best, and they also had to vote on expelling or accepting new members. While accepting new members or conflicts only required a majority, expulsion demanded a unanimous vote.

Kagiso Sarr is the longest-serving Smuggling Queen in current times, having risen to power in the late 1980s. While the Court has no official leader, the one who is best able to demonstrate their power is often viewed as a sort of Court elder. Since the first Court was held there has been a total of fifteen Smuggling Queens.




Kagiso Sarr's Court

Freya Downy's Court

Natalya Zukovsky's Court

Arcelia Casales's Court

Catarina Serafim's Court

Sasithorn Cobb's Court

Leocadia Braga's Court