Seecamp LWS
Classification: Semi-Automatic Pistol
Year Introduced: 1985
Country of Origin: United States
Created By: L. W. Seecamp Co.
Caliber: .32 ACP
Capacity: 6

The Seecamp LWS is a sidearm developed by L. W. Seecamp Co., which has since been adopted by private buyers.


In the late 1970s Seecamp Co. began creating miniaturized pistols. In 1981 the LWS was released in .25 ACP, but in 1985 the .32 was invented. The Seecamp tends to be smaller than a palm of an average person's hand, making it easy to be concealed.


Hui Lan

Hui Lan purchased her first Seecamp when she joined Interpol, wanting a concealable secondary sidearm. The weapon has followed Hui to the International Temporal Enforcement Agency, and she's since purchased a second that has been modified to fire Type-7 darts.

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