Scooby Gang

The Scooby Gang is a group of students at Decker State College dedicated to investigated the strange occurrances going on at their school.


The group was formed by Pamela Flipspatrick, Michelle Gim and Sandy Vanholt after Ashley Tisdale enslaved its members using Type-7 Chips, with them having no idea how the entire incident was resolved. While the group is aware of Erika Stone and Type-7 they are trying to uncover anyone else at the college with connections like hers. The group has investigated the local cheerleaders as well as Samantha Ross, even discovering the Stillsville Camera, though no one realized it was what was freezing people. Sandra Packlin later joined the group, having unknowingly experienced the Tempus Clock. Michelle eventually got her hands on the Durga Hourglass and the group investigated Glenda Peyton and Kat Vaughn, once again encountering the camera but failing to learn its secret.

When Michelle was faced with Kelli McAdams potentially learning her secret, after she'd used the hourglass to help capture Rachel Xanders and display her as a mannequin at Balfour Boutique, Michelle froze Kelli and Pam, since Pam was her best friend. Sandy later learned about the hourglass and used it against Michelle, hypnotizing her and others. When Sandra started to look for Pam and Michelle Sandy froze her too, then using the hourglass and the Stillsville Camera to freeze time. Ultimately Sandy and Michelle ended up statues in the hands of the Chrono Alliance while Sandra, controlled by the Royal Momju Necklace, quit. Pamela, knowing thanks to her own exposure to the Necklace that Sandra was no longer available, recruited Kelli, Marlene Hinshaw, Celeste Green, Piper Cross and Jesse Crane to form a new version of the gang. A few weeks after forming Rylee McAdams joined as well as the group dealt with Beth D'Onofrio and the Medusa Mirror.




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