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Ryoshi Dawson (born Ryoshi Tenzo in 1978) is a main character in Clockwork and The IT Files. Originally with the Japanese Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA), Ryoshi was later recruited by her future husband Scott Dawson to work for the Paradise Foundation. Eventually, the two helped bring the entire Foundation down and retired to Brazil, marrying and creating Utopia Holdings. Ryoshi is also a member of the Chrono Alliance.


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Tragic Youth

Ryoshi Tenzo was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her father and mother were both executives for a metal works company and often traveled for business. This left Ryoshi in the care of a loving aunt on her mother's side. Her aunt, never having children of her own, raised Ryoshi as if she was her own child. When Ryoshi was a teenager her aunt would tragically die during a terrorist attack, leaving her crushed. Ryoshi's parents remained distant, and Ryoshi herself locked herself off from the rest of her extended family.

Upon graduating high school Ryoshi was accepted into the National Defense Academy of Japan in Yokosuka, Kanagawa. Despite a troubled final few years of her youth Ryoshi had decided that fighting for justice was the best way to honor her aunt. For several years Ryoshi trained in Yokosuka, honing her various skills and eventually reaching near the top of her class. While a handful of students would graduate with a higher level of achievement than her, Ryoshi was none the less usually considered the best in her class. Earning the rank of Lieutenant, Ryoshi spent two years in the Defense Force's Intelligence Division before retiring with the rank of Captain.

Sword of Justice

A mere two weeks after leaving the Intelligence Division, Ryoshi was recruited by the Public Security Intelligence Agency. Returning to Tokyo, Ryoshi was assigned to the anti-terrorism unit. An idealist, Ryoshi worked night and day to hunt terrorists like the ones who'd killed her aunt. While Ryoshi never got confirmation, it was suspected that those beyond the attack in the mid-nineties were eventually eliminated. The uncertainty weighed on Ryoshi, and before long she was working eighteen hour days, running the risk of burn out. Government bureaucracy and her own lack of fulfillment weighed heavily on Ryoshi, to the point where she began to drink heavily. The only real friends Ryoshi had during this time were Parker Reich and Scott Dawson, but neither were consistently in Tokyo.

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Fade to Black

Eventually, Ryoshi switched to the private sector taking a job with her friend and crush Scott. Recruited for the Paradise Foundation, Ryoshi soon found herself aligned with the enigmatic Black Department. Ryoshi's death was faked, severing her remaining ties with her homeland, Parker Reich one of the few to know the truth. Scott ended up forming an elite group that consisted of Ryoshi, Alexis Sutherland, Leslie Schulz and Veronica Estes, their goal to use Type-7 to kidnap various supermodels. The models would be sold to rich clients, and then controlled using a Type-7 Chip, acting as a testing ground for the new technology that Ashley Tisdale had developed. Ryoshi's true connection to Scott was kept hidden, and she developed a crush on teammate Veronica. Ultimately the operation was shut down by Interpol, but Ryoshi was able to capture not only her former teammates but Cassandra Flick and Aisha Reynolds during a fateful sniper attack, faking their deaths.

Months after the operation, the Paradise Foundation had become much more bold, and Ryoshi was heading field operations with a controlled Erika Stone. The very real possibility of the Foundation taking over the world seemed to be coming, but Ryoshi and Scott were both perturbed by this. Not trusting the Foundation, the pair ultimately turned against them, helping Interpol stop the Uranus Generator and capture key figures, including Julio Sanchez. Fleeing with Scott and several chipped people to Caxias Do Sul, Scott and Ryoshi formed Utopia Holdings. Living in Utopia Towers, the couple married and focused simply on putting their embezzled Foundation money to better use, having billions at their disposal.

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Married Life

Over half a year after going into hiding, Ryoshi and Scott were forced to emerge when one of their captives, Ashley, escaped to Oceanside. Ryoshi returned to the field once more, teaming up with Scott and his nephew Tucker Holmes to stop Ashley and her own army of chipped personnel. The situation was made worse by Ashley antagonizing the International Temporal Enforcement Agency, a group they'd tried to avoid contact with. Ultimately Ashley was recaptured and Ryoshi herself befriended Chloe Noi, a victim of the incident who wielded the Ring of the Haetae. The incident made Ryoshi view Chloe as something of a protege, even if they rarely met in person, and also piqued her interest in magic.

As 2009 began Ryoshi got reacquainted with her old friend Parker, who ended up helping Utopia Holdings perform a hostile takeover of Talon Protection, the company she'd been working for. Ryoshi was injured during a conflict related to the event and Scott became more protective, assigning Ryoshi to recruit possible administration staff in Newark instead of something more physically demanding. Ryoshi managed to recruit several women to Utopia as well as collecting Anastasia Stephanos, whom she gave to her nephew Tucker as a birthday present. As an experiment Ryoshi also explored a Chip wireless network, once again using supermodels as the test subjects.

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Magic Hunter

Deciding to investigate rumors of lost magical artifacts in Hamunaptra, Ryoshi and Scott traveled to the city with Angel Jenly, using the movie star as a cover. During the operation, Ryoshi experienced a hint of jealousy when they encountered Mandy Mahina, one of Scott's former lovers. Ryoshi soon got over her feelings but she was humbled soon after after ending up in a hand-to-hand combat struggle with Yeardley Luxby. Yeardley, despite sharing her age, was undeniably superior, about to break Ryoshi's arm before the helpful interruption of a Qin Disc. Scott warned Ryoshi against taking unnecessary risk in the future, and she herself was left shaken by the incident.

When Sandy Vanholt used the Durga Hourglass and the Stillsville Camera to freeze time on a global scale Ryoshi was downstairs in Utopia Towers and thus frozen. Scott used a Peacemaker to unfreeze Ryoshi and they began to head for Malibu, though Scott was acting more protective than ever before. Ryoshi met with Erika Stone for the first time since using her as a field operative upon arriving at Victoria Towers. Things were tense between the pair at first, though this eventually gave way to a mutual lust. After Sandy was taken down Ryoshi and Erika slept together, finally making peace. To be fair to Chloe when she was asked to give up Aisha Reynolds Ryoshi suggested Alexis as a replacement, having grown tired of her former ally. Chloe accepted and Ryoshi, upon returning to Brazil, turned her attention to the newer crop of recruits, including River Peck.

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Personal Information

  • Current Age: 31
  • Height: 5'5.5"
  • Weight: 105 lbs
  • Hair Color: Dark Brunette
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Hypnosis Rating: 5
  • Current Place of Residence: Caxias Do Sul, BR
  • Sexual Preference: Men, Women
  • Favorite Drink: Shōchū Sake
  • Phobias: Water, Boats



See: Utopia Towers

Special Skills

  • Combat-style Mixed Martial Arts, specializing in Judo, Aikido, Kendo and Okinawan kobudō (Specializing in Tambo and Tonfa).
  • Marksmanship, specifically pistols, sub-machine guns and rifles.
  • Administrative Knowledge, specifically field and tactical command.
  • Computer Expertise, including security, networking and software.
  • Undercover Expertise, specializing in assuming false identities.
  • Trilingual, knowing Japanese, English and Portuguese.



Fellow Trustees







  • Ryoshi's appearance is based on that of actress Maggie Q.
  • She enjoys being frozen and frequently falls for Scott's Type-7 tricks on purpose.
  • One of the best shots out of all the characters in the entire Tuckerverse, including others skilled at shooting.
  • Aliases include Ryoshi Fisher and Vivian Lu.