Phi Sigma Delta

Phi Sigma Delta is a sorority that has a presence at most American educational institutes, including Decker State College.


After Sandy Vanholt, Amber Prescott, Jaki Newborn and Kelsey Wick joined the sorority at the University of California Fullerton, the four proceeded to take over in spite of being freshmen. After the accomplishment that summer they travelled abroad, befriending Erika Stone, and by the end of the summer the four girls had the billionaire in their possession, the woman having taken Type-7 and trying to lay low until legal matters were sorted out. This event led to the Paradise Foundation kidnapping the chapter, resulting in them being split up after being rescued months later in hopes of hiding the incident. This led Sandy, Amber, Kelsey and Jaki to bringing a chapter to Decker State College.

The four from Fullerton, along with their house mother Beatrice Weiner, ended up in the converted house at DSC. At the start of the new semester several new girls were brought in, namely Hannah Kai, Leslie Chun, Roxana Ruiz, Vanessa Marx, Angel Mathews, Tami Tyler, Kalania Scholvo, Rose Mazza, and Susie Kim. Susie Kim was a unique addition, possessing a magic necklace that allowed her to both read the minds of sorority sisters and also control them, turning her into the sort of hidden President of the sorority. A month into the new semester Sandy's father was embroiled in a scandal and, wanting to keep their strong, the sorority had Sandy removed. Amber took over as President after previously being Vice-President, Phoebe taking Amber's old role. Nina Nichols pledged later in the semester, Elise Alexander, Umiko Pine, Mercela Brennan, Jasmine Alvarez and Brandy Graves later still. Lola Guzman ended up joining late in the first semester due to the complications of arranging her security. An election at the end of the school year saw Nina be made the new President, ousting Phoebe and Amber.


Decker State College

Cornell University