Persephone's Books is a specialty bookstore in Los Angeles which focuses primarily on books covering or related to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Besides the books the store also features a coffee bar.


The store was originally owned and run by a woman named Persephone, but after she decided to move to Floria she put her grand-daughter Rebecca Mosley in charge. Rebecca was a psychology major and had little business experience, thus instead of working with what the store was she decided to revamp things, changing it into a more traditional bookstore, adding a coffee bar and having a more mainstream inventory. The changes didn't yield a major change in profits and after Tucker Holmes secretly got Rebecca into a fiasco she was let go by her grandmother who instead brought in Jamie Mosley, Rebecca's twin sister. As Jamie majored in business she managed to revert the store somewhat to its roots while keeping some changes like the addition of the coffee bar, the result being a decently profitable store. Tucker Holmes was also made assistant manager.

Several months after Jamie took over Tucker quit and soon afterwards Jamie decided to move to Houston. Gloria Wong, one of the store's oldest employees, ended up becoming the new manager while Jamie remained the technical owner, Calista Suvari promoted to assistant manager.


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