Peace Keeper

The Peace Keeper statues are magical items that appear to be Babylonian in origin. Massive statues nearly one story in height, they generate a time shield.


The statue functions as a sort of barrier against temporal magic, preventing and distortions caused by magic being effective within a certain radius. The statue's radius is fairly limited, covering only a few stories in height and roughly half a block in terms of width. As with most time shields the Peace Keeper's only comes into effect if the generating source is within the distance of a few blocks. Unlike typical time shields however if anyone who is not frozen due to time being stopped attempts to enter the shielded area they will freeze and if no one is protected from the time stop effect then it will be neutralized.

In addition to time magic the statue also disrupts destructive magic and any attempt to utterly neutralize human thought, either by possession or putting it to sleep. The barrier does not however prevent some mental manipulation abilities from working.


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