Classification: Assault Rifle
Year Introduced: 1991
Country of Origin: South Korea
Created By: Park Tech Weapons
Caliber: 5.56×45mm NATO
Capacity: 40

The PTW X-5 is an assault rifle developed by Park Tech Weapons, which has since been adapted for use by various special forces and private security forces.


The X-5 was Park Tech Weapons's attempt to create an advanced assault rifle, a heavier weapon for less mobile units. In addition to low recoil and a slightly larger than average magazine, the X-5 features early modular technology to allow for the easy addition of an under-shotgun of grenade launcher.


Triangle Security Services

A 1996 deal with Park Tech Weapons saw Triangle Security Services adopt PTW firearms as standard issue for their security teams. While TSS specialists might use other weapons their stand-issue assault rifle is the X-5.

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