PTW Infinity
Park Infinity 45
Classification: Semi-Automatic Pistol
Year Introduced: 1992
Country of Origin: South Korea
Created By: Park Tech Weapons
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 12

The PTW Infinity is a sidearm developed by Park Tech Weapons, which has since been adapted for use by military forces and private security forces across the globe.


In the early 1990s Park Tech Weapons began developing long-barrel pistols, trusting their accuracy and power to win over customers who might be favoring compacts. The Infinity was based on the Colt M1911 but made in stainless steel, the barrel also reducing recoil.


Triangle Security Services

A 1996 deal with Park Tech Weapons saw Triangle Security Services adopt PTW sidearms as standard issue for their security teams. While TSS specialists might use other weapons their stand-issue sidearms are the Infinity and the PTW Brotherhood.

Parker Reich

Parker Reich has an Infinity she stole from Mandy Mahina, though she generally keeps it for collection purposes.

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