Ouroboros was a secret society/crime syndicate founded by Richard Stilton, a sort of hidden section of the Stilton Corporation. The group's ultimate goal was a functioning Immortality Gate, but they were also working to exploit temporal elements such as the Temporal Gene and Type-7. The group was destroyed by the International Temporal Enforcement Agency.


The society's operations tend to be run by a single field operative who is given a large amount of resources to accomplish a given assignment. Goals have included striking a blow against the International Temporal Enforcement Agency by capturing its leaders, running an underground club (Club Mannequin) that uses Type-7 in its signature cocktails and kidnapping prostitutes to convert into fully-controlled love slaves using Type-7 Chips. Erika Stone and Ingrid Stone were also targetted to research the Temporal Gene. The ultimate goal was to create the Immortality Gate, a device that uses the Temporal Gene to make a person live much longer.

The group is responsible for the deaths of Clair Romain, Pierre Gaudet and Julio Sanchez.



Former Captives