Otaku LA is a costume/anime/Japanese merchandise shop located in Los Angeles, California, right near the border with Culver City. The store is the only shop in the city to sell merchandise produced by T&M Productions.


The store was opened in 2008 after Bianca Whitman was looking to move Pacific Pearl Costumes but the only location she could find had far more space than she needed. Nathan Lancer approached her about a partnership, he himself wanting to open a Japanese import kind of store. Finally Tucker Holmes was asked to be a partner and provide exclusive content from T&M Productions to give the store some unique merchandise. The store finally opened in early November of 2008 and has proved profitable and somewhat popular. James Hewitt provides some swords and other metalwork he's done for other unique products. Re-opening Pacific Pearl Costumes as a second location has been discussed, as well as a third location in Malibu. Carol Wilford discovered the store and became and investor, starting the development of the new stores as well as the hiring of some new staff.

Owners and Staff

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