Orca Cove
Orca Cove
County: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States
City Population: 5,000
Local Law Enforcement: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Orca Cove is a small town in Los Angeles County in the United States. Founded originally for whaling purposes, Orca Cove has since become known as an area where people can come to see killer whales, as well as being a private beach community.


The town is divided into four districts: Bright Hill, Hydraulic Beach, Downtown OC and Tuna Canyon. Downtown OC is primarily made up of apartments and is also where all the shopping is located, Bright Hill is where expensive hillside homes are located and Hydraulic Beach is where all the expensive waterfront properties exist. Hydraulic Beach has an area known as Castle Row, which is where several castle-shaped properties are located. Tuna Canyon is the east-most part of the town and primarily parkland, being where nature trails and campgrounds are located.

Orca Cove features a series of canals and waterways that are available for private use, the basin being an artificial lake located in Bright Hill called Bright Hill Lake. The lake has a greater beachfront than the city does with the ocean and is where the most expensive properties away from the ocean are located. The ocean region itself includes an artificial lagoon, and there are several shark repelling buoys which are designed to be as humane as possible.

Significant Locations

Significant Residents

Bright Hill

Downtown OC

Hydraulic Beach

Tuna Canyon

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