The NI Watch Stimulator is a watch accessory developed by Noi Industries. Designed to be unnoticeable, the stimulator attaches to the bottom of watches and monitors the wearer's pulse, offering the appropriate reaction when programmed to.


A simple metal plate wired with a computer chip and other items as needed by the model, the stimulator attaches to the bottom of a watch. The main function of the stimulator is to determine the wearer's natural pulse rate and offer a reaction if it reaches a certain percentage variant from its norm, such as 20% below normal. When the condition is reached the watch reacts, deploying a counter-measure to prevent the pulse change from continuing. Original models just offered an electric shock, designed to wake someone up even when drugged, but later models could use a needle to inject an agent into the wearer's bloodstream.


The original stimulators were built directly into watches, but to avoid having to partner with watch companies NI instead turned them into simple attachments. Original models were also programmed with a pre-determined pulse norm, but later models can determine it on their own. Later models offer a needle and can be filled with a small amount of a counter-agent or antidote depending on what the wearer is expecting to encounter, though shocks tend to work better as they don't need to be specific.

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