NI Shock Hammer Mk I
Ni Shock Hammer
Classification: Ranged Electroshock Gun
Year Introduced: 2008
Country of Origin: South Korea
Created By: Noi Industries
Caliber: .410 Bore
Capacity: 1

The NI Shock Hammer Mk I is an electroshock weapon developed by Noi Industries, which is quickly being picked up by private security companies and police forces all over the world.


The Shock Hammer is an attempt to design a more compact shotgun that can be fired one-handed, but the ideal payload isn't shotgun shells. To abide by certain firearm laws, the Shock Hammer is specifically designed to fire stun shells, effectively making the gun a long-range stun weapon. The primary drawback remains the size and lack of ammunition capacity, only able to hold one round at a time, but it does make the weapon an effective non-lethal firearm. The weapon is also popular for arming people who don't have traditional firearms training, so long as they stick to non-lethal ammunition.


Spydoll Inc

Spydoll Inc has several Shock Hammers for situations in which Type-7 may not be the ideal take-down weapon. The situations have been rare but they possess several Hammers, which are also good for anyone they work with who doesn't have strong weapons training.

Triangle Security Services

Triangle Security Services has in general phased out the X26 Taser in favor of the Shock Hammer, as despite the barrel-length the weapon's reload time impressed members of the company.

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