Impact Armor
Impact Cat Armor

Raegan Morris modeling Impact Cat Armor (ICA)

NI Impact Armor is a special kind of body protection designed by Noi Industries (specifically Kyla Abonde) to be lightweight and durable while not using metals or ceramics to absorb impacts.


Impact Armor uses the similarly named Impact Rubber as its primary material. Impact Rubber itself absorbs a great deal of kinetic energy in terms of pounds per square inch, far more than typical rubber and more akin to material used in Kevlar Armor. The advantages of Impact Armor over Kevlar are that its more lightweight, being just rubber, it can be designed to better fit a body thus leaving fewer vulnerable spots, and unless penetrated any damage dealt is ignored. Overall durability is roughly the same as Kevlar, though velocity offers not change in the effectiveness of the armor.


Standard Impact Armor (SIA)

Standard Impact Armor or SIA uses second generation Impact Rubber and only slightly bulkier than wearing leather clothing over regular clothing. The armor is able to withstand most conventional projectiles and most blunt weaponry, though cutting weapons are less likely to be absorbed. Explosive shrapnel can still be highly dangerous but concussive waves are also reduced in impact.

Impact Cat Armor (ICA)

Special to Spydoll Inc, Impact Cat Armor or ICA is designed as a lighter alternative to SIA. The outfit is more form-fitting and better resembles a leather motorcycle outfit. The armor can still withstand small arms fire, though shotgun slugs and most rifle rounds will have at least some penetration. While not as strong as SIA the ICA is even more form-fitting with being restrictive, allowing for more casual use including employment on motorcycles.

Impact Bear Armor (IBA)

Special to Spydoll Inc, Impact Bear Armor or IBA is designed as a heavier alternative to SIA. Slightly thicker than conventional tactical armor, IBA is able to better absorb the impact of shrapnel and explosions, the increased thickness also making it less likely for a knife to penetrate. The bulkier size does limit movement and effectively neutralizes the light advantage Impact Armor normally provides, but the IBA is some of the hardest to penetrate armor around.

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