NI Immobilizer
Gas Gun
Classification: Gas Launcher
Year Introduced: 2007
Country of Origin: South Korea
Created By: Noi Industries
Caliber: 18mm Gas Canister
Capacity: 2

The NI Immobilizer is a gas launcher developed by Noi Industries, which has since been adopted by some law enforcement agencies and private companies.


The Immobilizer functions as a short-range gas launcher, making the concept of using gas as a non-lethal way to take down threats more viable at close quarters. The weapon fires special gas canisters which quickly vaporize upon impact with a hard surface, releasing the gas within. The canisters are fired at a low velocity so damage from impact is minimal, the ideal target being the face area. Gas released from the canisters tends to have an effective range of small group of people assuming they're standing shoulder to shoulder. The main disadvantage of the weapon is it can only hold up to two canisters at once and due to its unique nature can't be used to fire anything else.


Spydoll Inc

Spydoll Inc has acquired a few Immobilizers for certain combat situations, though in general employ weapons modified to fire Type-7 darts. The main advantage of the Immobilizer is it can fire Type-7 at overdose levels and doesn't require modification.

International Temporal Enforcement Agency

Like Spydoll Inc the International Temporal Enforcement Agency has employed a few Immobilizers, but in general favors other weaponry. The gas launcher is considered a good weapon for any agent who lacks high levels of skill with other large arms.

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