NI Euryale
NI Euryale
Classification: Revolver
Year Introduced: 2005
Country of Origin: South Korea
Created By: Noi Industries
Caliber: Varies
Capacity: 5

The NI Euryale is a sidearm developed by Noi Industries, which has since become popular with private companies.


In 2002 NI created a sophisticated computer program to detect the size of a bullet and have an adjustable chamber shape itself for the round. Over the next three years a computerized, waterproof revolver was developed, and in 2005 the Euryale was completed. The weapon is capable of chambering nearly any kind of modern bullet aside from shotgun shells, the barrel also modified to adjust for the bullets. The weapon draws solar power to keep itself charged, though it also has a small power pack if recharging is an issue. The weapon's secondary trigger is used to access the cylinders, though the trigger can be retracted to avoid tactical mistakes.


Spydoll Inc

Since Spydoll Inc has access to Noi Industries weaponry they were able to acquire several Euryales, though they are not standard issue.

Michael Bradford

Michael Bradford prefers the Euryale, favoring revolvers over semi-automatics and appreciating that the weapon can load Type-7 darts with no modification.

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