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Miranda Ohala (born 1977) is a main character in both Clockwork and The IT Files. Originally a police officer, Miranda later joined Interpol and the International Temporal Enforcement Agency after that. Miranda's specialty is undercover work, and she second-in-command of Team Gamma, its leader being her girlfriend Hui Lan. In addition to her undercover work Miranda has become skilled at hypnosis.


Early Life

Miranda was born in the big island of Hawaii and later moved to Oahu at an early age. She is the daughter of a resort manager and a master chef. The youngest in family of six, Miranda was often spoiled by her parents and picked on by her five older brothers. Through grade and high school she was often seen as the neighborhood bully, being a tough girl who liked to play rough. Her misadventures as a bully earned her spot in an all-girl boarding school during her last year in high school, where she would discover her sexuality.

After high school, having barely graduated, Miranda found herself following in her parents' family footsteps working in Hawaii's many resorts as waitress and sometimes as a maintenance worker. It wasn't until she tried her hand at resort security that she found she had an interest in law enforcement. However to become a police in Hawaii she needed an AA degree, so working her security job during the nights Miranda put herself through community college, which she barely passed and even seemingly only by sheer will.

Miranda finally reached her goal: after years of long nights and hard work she finally became a police officer. Miranda was street cop working Honolulu's non-tourist neighborhoods. It was a job and beat that she truly enjoyed. It was only a year before she was recruited on her natural good-looks and non-police-like image to the elite vice and narcotic units. Miranda often worked undercover, sometimes going under for months at a time. She took down mostly pimps and drug dealers, soon becoming respected by her peers and becoming known as one of the best on the force.

Clockwork Thief

After working for nearly five years without a vacation Miranda's superiors finally forced her to take one. It was during this vacation period she was enjoying herself in a spa and caught the eye of Erika Stone, who was on a kidnapping and theft spree at the time. Miranda was promptly kidnapped and soon joined a captured Interpol team at Erika's penthouse in Malibu. There she met and became extremely attracted to Hui Lan.

When the whole ordeal ended, under the high recommendation of Lucienne Christophe Miranda ended up in Interpol. She was glad for it as it gave her a chance to be close to her new crush Hui, who was at the time uninterested in her advances. Most importantly it gave Miranda a chance to get out of Hawaii. While serving in Interpol Miranda was assigned to a task force along with her friend Hui under Aisha Reynolds. The task force helped take down a prostitution operation in Russia before being disbanded. The pair then worked with Lucienne and Aisha as well as other old friends to stop a team led by Scott Dawson from kidnapping super-models. At the end of incident her partner and friend Hui finally took her advances seriously and the two officially hooked up. The next operation that the new lovers found themselves in also found them both incapacitated for the majority of it, being both victims of the Time-Stopper. The incident was caused by the Paradise Foundation, who'd just used Erika Stone to kidnap two princesses. Fortunately soon after the raid on Paradise Manor Miranda and Hui were both restored and returned to duty.

Going Gamma

When the International Temporal Enforcement Agency was formed Miranda followed her lover Hui, who was made Director of the tactical wing of the agency. Miranda was her partner in Team Gamma and she also worked under Sophia Katsopolis, who was head of the espionage section. In one of her early missions with IT, Miranda found herself with Hui at a tropical resort called the Fortune Sea Resort. Hui and she successfully took down the Fortune Finders, who were looking to take everyone hostage. Later during Ashley Tisdale's return she worked with Hui to investigate Erika Stone when initially there was no explanation for the attack on ITEA agents. Later Miranda and the rest of Gamma were assigned to a joint operation with Interpol in Hong Kong were they were hunting Tamaya Qillaq. Miranda felt a great deal of stress during the operation as Hui was kidnapped intentionally but in an unknown amount of danger, though she managed to pull through and save her girlfriend from Tamaya. When raiding Ouroboros headquarters in New York Miranda showed great skill with the H&K 69 grenade launcher and was at the front of the conflict.

A month after the fall of Ouroboros Team Gamma was assigned to capture Tamaya Qillaq in Prague after she personally taunted Hui via email, having captured a pair of GRID agents and a Europol officer. Miranda stuck with her girlfriend but was taken out of the fight with Tamaya, though the team did ultimately triumph. During a prisoner exchange with Europol Kioni Abasi ambushed the group but Miranda managed to avoid being frozen and used Hui's massage technique to get answers from the member of Team Zeta. Finding out what Kioni's plan was Miranda unfroze Hui and convinced her they should take charge of Tamaya, which they did with Kioni's help.

Hypnotic Gifts

When Sandy Vanholt used the Durga Hourglass and the Stillsville Camera to freeze time on a global scale Miranda was trapped in ITEA HQ. While Miranda's first priority was helping Lucienne manage the situation in the building she also made it a priority to have sex, just on the off-chance everyone was trapped in the building forever. Miranda demonstrated a newly-acquired talent for hypnosis by inducting Lucienne, Alexandra Blake and Angelita Castillo, though she used traditional techniques and the three participants were willing. Later, however, Miranda used Hui's massage technique in conjunction with what she knew about hypnosis to seduce Malai Kasem. Later, after William Volt and Suzanna Ortiz-Volt were married, Miranda and the rest of the non-essential personnel were frozen with Type-7, Lucienne deciding to add Miranda to a collection she'd been forming of women present. Two days after time unfroze Miranda had some fun with Hui and Sharon Clarke, also hypnotizing Angelita upon request and delivering all three to Lucienne. The Frenchwoman in turn froze Miranda as well, messing with all four women, but not before Miranda noted that Malai had apparently become attached to her.

Personal Information

  • Current Age: 32
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Hair Color: Dark Brunette
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Bra Size: 32B
  • Hypnosis Rating: 5
  • Current Place of Residence: London, UK
  • Sexual Preference: Women

Personal Items


Miranda's home is a townhouse in the Merton Park region of Greater London. The house is an older model home she shares with Hui Lan and is two floors. On the top floor of the house there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. On the first floor of the house is a living room with bar space, a small dining room and a kitchen as well as a half-bathroom. The house has a small lawn and garden but no garage, though the driveway has space for four vehicles.

Special Skills

  • Athletic Endurance, able to hold her breath for four minutes and swim long distances.
  • Massage, specifically stress-relieving.
  • Drug Knowledge, able to identify most street narcotics with ease.
  • Hypnosis, able to verbally induct willing participants into a suggestible state.
  • Undercover expertise, specializing in researching, creating and assuming false identities.
  • Bilingual, knowing English and Mandarin Chinese.









  • Miranda is based on actress Michelle Krusiec.
  • Malika Dudley was the original and long-running model for Miranda but was changed due to not quite fitting the role.
  • Owns a shack on the Oahu beach.

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