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Miranda Ohala (born 1977) is a main character in both Clockwork and The IT Files. Originally a police officer, Miranda later joined Interpol and the International Temporal Enforcement Agency after that. Miranda's specialty is undercover work, and she is second-in-command of Team Gamma, its leader being her girlfriend Hui Lan. In addition to her undercover work Miranda has become skilled at hypnosis.


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Humble Beginnings

Miranda was born in Oahu, Hawaii, in the city of Honolulu in the United States, the daughter of a resort manager and master chef Lelani Ohala. The youngest in a family of six, Miranda was often spoiled by her parents and picked on by her five older brothers. All throughout her school years, Miranda was a bit of a neighborhood bully, known to play rough and later not be afraid to get aggressive in arguments. Miranda's bad behavior eventually caused her parents to send her to an all-female boarding school, which is how she finished her public education. It was also at the boarding school that Miranda discovered her attraction to women.

Having barely graduated, Miranda's initial job prospects were dim. Falling in with what most locals, Miranda like her parents, began working at resorts. Initially, Miranda was a waitress, but she soon graduated to maintenance worker. It was upon becoming a security guard that Miranda began to see the attraction in becoming a police officer. Needing an Associate's Degree, Miranda went to community college during the day and spent nights working security, which was a rocky but ultimately successful venture. Finally, Miranda had her degree, and soon after she began training to be a police officer.

Miranda spent her first year as a beat cop in the non-tourist neighborhoods of Honolulu. While the work was fulfilling, Miranda's superiors soon realized she had a natural talent for undercover work. Miranda spent over three years as an undercover officer, and later detective, for the Narcotics and Vice units of the police force, at one point staying undercover for six months. The work was long and hard, Miranda more than once indulging in questionable activities, though she managed to avoid any serious addictions.

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Clockwork Thief

After working for nearly five years without a vacation Miranda's superiors finally forced her to take one. Not wanting to go far, Miranda simply stayed in Hawaii and took a month off. During this vacation Miranda ended up attracting the eye of Erika Stone, who was on the run from Interpol. Miranda was captured using Type-7 and taken to Victoria Towers in Malibu. When Miranda and the Interpol agents were unfrozen they worked together to stop Erika and her friends, though Erika would ultimately escape thanks to the Temporal Gene. This was Miranda's first meeting with Hui Lan and she quickly became smitten, though Hui rebuffed her advances. Lucienne Christophe recommended Miranda to Interpol after the incident, and she was soon accepted, becoming a trainee under the watch of Hui.

Hui's first big break came when, under the command of Aisha Reynolds, she helped thwart a sex trade operation in Russia. Immediately after Miranda was roped into a task force headed by Lucienne to investigate the kidnapping of various supermodels. Miranda and Hui grew closer still during the operation, and in the end, the two became a couple after Hui admitted her feelings for Miranda. After a few more months together Hui and Miranda were targeted by a Time-Stopper during a bust, causing them to remain frozen in time for the events that led to the downfall of the Paradise Foundation. Miranda attended Marika Bran and Dieter Bran's wedding after the incident was over.

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Miranda Frozen

Going Gamma

When the International Temporal Enforcement Agency was formed Miranda followed her lover Hui, who was made Director of the Tactical Wing of the agency. Miranda was made Hui's partner on Team Gamma and she also worked under Sophia Katsopolis, who was head of the espionage section. In one of her early missions with the ITEA, Miranda found herself with Hui at a tropical paradise called the Fortune Sea Resort. There Miranda and Hui successfully took down the Fortune Finders, who were looking to take everyone hostage. Later, during Ashley Tisdale's return, she worked with Hui to investigate Erika Stone when initially there was no explanation for the attack on IT agents.

In early 2009 Team Gamma faced a shake-up after the temporary dissolution of Team Alpha, receiving temporary members while on a long assignment in Hong Kong. The assignment saw Gamma working with Interpol to target Tamaya Qillaq, a notorious human trafficker and smuggler. In addition to the stress caused by weeks of failure, Miranda became truly fearful when Hui was intentionally kidnapped as bait, despite her own experience in such matters. After the assignment the team was restructured, Jason Holland and Tatiana Lebedev coming aboard. The team would be one that breached Ouroboros in New York after the Waterloo Station incident, where Miranda demonstrated high proficiency with a H&K 69 grenade launcher. Tamaya Qillaq was encountered once more but eluded capture. Despite this, after the incident, Hui finally helped teach Miranda he family's secret massage technique. The technique, Miranda soon discovered, had some potential hypnosis benefits, which awakened her interest in the subject.

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Mental Powers

A month after the fall of Ouroboros Team Gamma was assigned to capture Tamaya Qillaq in Prague after she personally taunted Hui via an email, having captured a pair of GRID agents and a Europol officer. Miranda stuck with her girlfriend but was taken out of the fight with Tamaya, though the team did ultimately triumph. During a prisoner exchange with Europol Kioni Abasi ambushed the group, freezing them, but Miranda managed to avoid being frozen and used Hui's massage technique to get answers from the member of Team Zeta. Finding out that Kioni planned to take Tamaya as a personal prisoner, Miranda unfroze Hui and convinced her they should take charge of Tamaya, which they did with Kioni's help.

When Sandy Vanholt used the Durga Hourglass and the Stillsville Camera to freeze time on a global scale Miranda was trapped in ITEA HQ. While Miranda's first priority was helping Lucienne manage the situation in the building she also made it a priority to have sex, just on the off-chance everyone was trapped in the building forever. Miranda demonstrated a newly-acquired talent for hypnosis by inducting Lucienne, Alexandra Blake and Angelita Castillo, though she used traditional techniques and the three participants were willing. Later, however, Miranda used Hui's massage technique in conjunction with what she knew about hypnosis to seduce Malai Kasem. Later, after William Volt and Suzanna Ortiz-Volt were married, Miranda and the rest of the non-essential personnel were frozen with Type-7, Lucienne deciding to add Miranda to a collection she'd been forming of women present. Two days after time unfroze Miranda had some fun with Hui and Sharon Clarke, also hypnotizing Angelita upon request and delivering all three to Lucienne. The Frenchwoman, in turn, froze Miranda as well, messing with all four women, but not before Miranda noted that Malai had apparently become attached to her.

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Personal Information

  • Current Age: 32
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Hair Color: Dark Brunette
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Bra Size: 32B
  • Hypnosis Rating: 5
  • Current Place of Residence: London, UK
  • Sexual Preference: Women

Personal Items


Miranda's home is a townhouse in the Merton Park region of Greater London. The house is an older model home she shares with Hui Lan and is two floors. On the top floor of the house, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. On the first floor of the house is a living room with bar space, a small dining room, and a kitchen as well as a half-bathroom. The house has a small lawn and garden but no garage, though the driveway has space for four vehicles.

Special Skills

  • Athletic Endurance, able to hold her breath for four minutes and swim long distances.
  • Massage, specifically stress-relieving.
  • Drug Knowledge, able to identify most street narcotics with ease.
  • Hypnosis, able to verbally induct willing participants into a suggestible state.
  • Undercover expertise, specializing in researching, creating and assuming false identities.
  • Bilingual, knowing English and Mandarin Chinese.










  • Miranda is based on actress Michelle Krusiec.
  • Malika Dudley was the original and long-running model for Miranda but was changed due to not quite fitting the role.
  • Owns a shack in Diamond Head.