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Madison Rachel Yen (born 1982) is a main character in Tucker's Wand, Maggie's Clock (series) and The Princess and The Clock. The elder sister of Maggie Yen, Madison works as a lawyer for Foster & McBride, is engaged to Alana Herrera and is pregnant with the daughter of Tucker Holmes.


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Golden Child

Madison Caroline Yen is the oldest daughter of Roger Yen and Ling Yen and was born in Seattle, Washington, though soon after her birth the family moved to San Francisco, California. Roger worked for a food magazine thus he would end up traveling a lot. Ling, meanwhile, established Qilin Palace, running the successful restaurant while also raising Madison and her little sister, Maggie Yen. As the eldest daughter, Madison was often treated better than Maggie by Ling. Madison at first resisted the aggrandizement, worrying it would hurt her relationship with Maggie. Instead, Maggie showed courage in standing up to Ling, causing Madison to accept her role as the family's golden child out of resentment for her little sister. Madison proved to be more than up to the task, being an overachiever academically as well as demonstrating knowledge in both chess and piano.

Graduating high school a year early, Madison was accepted on full scholarship to Georgetown University. There Madison would major in Criminal Law and achieve her law degree from Georgetown Law as well. While in college Madison roomed with medical student Alana Herrera, The two becoming best friends and were nearly inseparable throughout college. Alana, who at the time was closeted lesbian, was sure that Madison was one too. Madison denied the fact but through many drunken episodes she started to question the claim, feeling she cared about Alana as more than just a friend. The two eventually graduated at the top of their respective classes, with Madison keeping her sexual questions to herself for fear of her mother. Alana would move on to New York for her residency while Madison returned to California.

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Legal Eagle

Foster & McBride quickly hired Madison, impressed with her academic credentials. The firm, known for serving the rich and famous, was heaven for Madison. Despite her professional success, Madison's relationship with Maggie worsened, jealous that her sister was able to be a free-spirited lesbian while she had the pressure of being the responsible sister. Connie Soyer and Belinda Frazier befriended Madison, and they ended up influencing Madison's darker thoughts. Feeling pressure to succeed, Madison began to sleep with her co-workers, including Lester Bowman, Vance Vigel, Levy Foster and even, in secret, Kylie McBride. Madison's sexual appetite became so strong she kept birth control items in her office desk. While Madison's reputation took a hit due to the rumors, she remained legally successful, making junior partner with her name possibly being added to the firm's own within the next five years.

When Tucker Holmes obtained the Wand of Kronos it was Maggie who insisted that her evil older sister be part of the calendar they were working on. From that day on Madison became a frequent target of the two best friends. Manipulated while frozen in time to be seemingly taking advantage of Miriam Ryder, photos of the incident were used by Maggie to elicit favors from her sibling. Madison was soon used by Maggie as a cash cow of sorts, annoying her to no end. When Madison and her friends made fun of Maggie at Bean There, Maggie froze and posed them as mannequins, which led to them being arrested. Despite the tension Madison was cordial with Maggie when they attended a party thrown by Erika Stone, one that saw Madison pegged to be one of Erika's personal attorneys.

Defrosting the Ice Queen

After Tucker Holmes and Haley Leone broke up, Madison, seeing how much Tucker had changed, took him out on an informal date with her friends. While Connie took an interest in Tucker, Madison ended up nearly sleeping with him later that same night. A sexual encounter was ultimately avoided due to no available protection, but Tucker, unknowingly, still managed to impregnate Madison. Soon after the events Maggie was electrocuted in a freak accident at Madison's apartment, Alana then revealed to be one of her doctors at Memorial View Hospital. Alana and Maggie quickly began to date, infuriating Madison, who finally confessed her feelings to her old friend after some pushing from Tucker. Maggie felt the incident was something of a betrayal, which was only made worse when Madison announced her pregnancy. Alana and Madison quickly got engaged, and as Madison progressed she made an effort to reach out more to Maggie, confessing her admiration for her younger sibling.

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Truth Revealed

One day, Maggie disappeared, Madison unaware that, thanks to the destruction of the Tempus Clock, her sister had ended up frozen in time. Ling pressured Madison to try and solve the mystery, leading to a confrontation with Cindy Vu. Maggie, upon being unfrozen, decided it was time to trust Madison with their secrets. As a result, Madison ended up being finally brought into the truth about Tucker's wand, the Tempus Clock II, Type-7 and even the Royal Momju Necklace. Susie Kim helped Madison quickly absorb all the information, also helping Tucker and Maggie learn that Madison did love them both, despite their complicated relationships, as well as outing her secret love for Kung-Fu films and her own growing study of Wushu. Madison ended up embracing the new situation fairly well, just glad things finally made sense and developing an interest in frozen women. Tucker also ended up learning that their future child would be a daughter, and together he and Madison agreed on the name of Jessika. Ling ended up being deceived into believing Maggie just had a case of mononucleosis, though she decided to stay in town until Madison's baby was born. By the end of one long day Madison had made her peace with her sister, as well as befriending Susie and being in a better place with Tucker.

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Personal Information

  • Current Age: 27
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 150 lbs (125 normally + 25 from Pregnancy)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Hypnosis Rating: 4
  • Current Place of Residence: Los Angeles, US
  • Sexual Preference: Women, Men
  • Nickname: Maddie
  • Favorite Food: Salad
  • Favorite Films: Kung-Fu Films

Personal Items









  • Madison is based on actress Julia Ling.
  • In Tucker's Wand I, A Gift from Kronos Madison represented the month of August as Kos-Mos from Xenosaga.
  • Trying to be trendy, Madison frequents places like Bean There and Très Chic.