Lucienne's Agency
Series: The IT Files
Writer(s): Zero
Date: Mid-March, 2009
Preceded By: Richard's Dream
Followed By: Kioni's Justice

Lucienne's Agency is a story in The IT Files series, the second part of the conclusion to the Ouroboros arc.


Tasia Spiro agrees to be exchanged for the captured ITEA personnel at Waterloo Station, the plan being to ambush Ouroboros. Julio Sanchez is killed by the Immortality Gate, Sarah Hardy insisting they need another person with the Temporal Gene to power it properly. At Waterloo a Chrono Flash is used to instantly freeze a major hub, causing public panic, the resulting distraction allowing Ouroboros to escape with Tasia, though Charles Truman III is caught. A quick interrogation of Charles reveals Richard Stilton is behind Ouroboros and Lucienne calls for a full-force raid on the Stilton Corporation headquarters in New York. Richard meanwhile prepares for the worst, having Xavier Alberic escape with a few choice people including Patricia Mero and Sarah. No Name is also revealed to be Richard's nephew Drake. The ITEA, with help from the NYPD, launches their raid, capturing No Name and Derek Grisham while Tamaya Qillaq managed to escape, revealing to Hui Lan that she kidnapped Tommy Chen. Richard is incinerated by the Immortality Gate and the mission ends more or less a success, the missing people rescued and Ouroboros destroyed. In the aftermath, however Sonia Castillo is made the new head of the ITEA by the Oversight Committee, Palmira Tiago resigns to be with Xavier as a statue and Patricia takes control of the Stilton Corporation by making Maris Stilton her puppet. Patricia then forms her own organization, the Gorgon Sisterhood.



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