Legend of the Golden Apple
Series: Non-Canon
Writer(s): Zero, FreezAntix

Legend of the Golden Apple is a fantasy film based on the novel of the same name that hit theaters in December of 2008. The film follows an ancient war between two groups of elves and a human caught up in the middle. The movie is produced by Cavanaugh Productions.


The high elves of the city of Haven are kept young by the magic Golden Apple, which resides atop a tree in the city's palace garden. Princess Dancia, eager to gain the elven gift of maturity known as True Sight so she can spend more time with her friends, steals the apple under the misguided notion that it will help her. The apple ends up freezing the elves in time, Princess Sonia the only one spared. The entire even was a plot by Queen Jalice of the dark elves, and Sonia seeks the aide of the human warrior Gaspar Zalerech to defeat Jalice and save her people.

Cast & Crew


Production Staff


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