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The Lady Raptors are the female sports teams for Decker State College, a college in Malibu. The soccer team is the college's big athletic draw, several of their players having moved on to play at a professional level, including in the World Cup. The volleyball team, which includes members of a beach team and a regular one, are also prominent.


The Lady Raptors were founded during the early days of Decker State College, soccer being popular in California at the time, and forming a rivalry with the Lady Sharks. The first few years were rocky, fledgling school unable to afford scholarships for good players for any of their teams. Eventually the soccer team began to shape up in the 90s, and while never considered extremely good it was still a team worth bragging about. In 2004 Diane King became head soccer coach and managed to get the rooster to the size that the school could field two entire teams, thus creating an A-squad and a B-squad. In spite of being good at recruitment King wasn't considered the best coach, favoring certain kinds of women over others and sending otherwise talented players to the often-ignored B-Squad. In 2008 the team qualified for the multi-state championship tournament in Salt Lake City and, after some maneuvering by Kat Vaughn, the B-squad took to the pitch and won the tournament. After the tournament the fact that the B-squad did what the A-squad had never been able to do led to an investigation by the board, suspicions raised that King favored blond players for some reason. Diane resigned and Glenda Peyton became the new head coach, promptly promoting the remaining members of the champion B-squad to the A-squad, Kat Vaughn now the team captain. The closing months of 2008 were good for the Raptors, the team winning all the exhibitions they participated in. Come 2009 the soccer team against qualified for the tournament, only losing one game that season. The Raptors failed to repeat their 2008 victory, placing third after losing to the University of Utah in the semi-final.

The volleyball team was generally seen more as a recreational group than serious athletic group until 2006 when the beach volleyball sub-team was formally formed, it more recreational while the regular team became more competitive. The the 08/09 season has been a dream-like season for the regular team, winning a great deal but still viewed as underdogs overall.

The softball team has had few winning seasons, often placing in the middle of the conference. 2007 was their best year, managing to place 5th overall after the play-offs.


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