Hypnosis is a mental ability practiced in the Tuckerverse. An ancient skill, Hypnosis involves putting a subject into a state of suggestibility, in which they are willing to do whatever they're told. The ability has been subject to scrutiny and investigation effectively since its discovery.


Within the Tuckerverse hypnosis works a bit differently than how it does in the real world. In general the concepts are the same: people need to be willing and comfortable (thus it can't be forced), plus it employs various subtle techniques to induct a person, some rapid and some slow. One major difference is that certain techniques exist in the Tuckerverse which allow for seemingly forced inductions, the idea being the techniques aren't technically forced but attack the subconscious, making the mind more willing to accept. As a result characters in the Tuckerverse have what's known as a Hypnosis Rating, which is used to determine how susceptible they are to both regular hypnosis and in particular this more unusual form. Another difference is that in the Tuckerverse drugs such as Transmoxide exist which can induce a state of what is effectively pure suggestibility, meaning even typically non-aggressive hypnosis techniques can be made as effective as the more unusual ones. It should be noted however that even in the Tuckerverse hypnosis cannot be used to influence someone to kill or commit suicide.

Unique Forms of Hypnosis

Cheon Ninjutsu

Within Cheon Ninjutsu exists the Art of Illusion and the Art of Truth, two unusual techniques which employ advanced hypnotic techniques. The Art of Illusion focuses on conversational induction through inflection and hand gestures, the emphasis used triggering the subconscious to induce a state of hypnosis, though the state tends not to last that long (an hour at most, and only by true masters of the Art). The Art of Truth employs intimate touching, targeting the subconscious through raw sensual pleasure. If done correctly the Art of Truth essentially puts the subject into a lingering state of ecstasy, making only their honest subconscious present, thus allowing for the honest answering of even the more prying of questions. The suggestible state lasts only until the state ends with an orgasm.

Hecate's Charm

Someone employing Hecate's Charm is able to hypnotize a subject by touching them with the artifact while wearing it. While a basic understanding of hypnosis is still required the Charm targets the subconscious, almost immediately inducing anyone with a hypnosis rating that would make them vulnerable to aggressive techniques. The Charm's powers have no real limit on duration, the effect simply fading over time if not reinforced.

Lan Family Massage Technique

The Lan Family have a special back massage technique which, when employed, induces a state of raw sensual pleasure. The technique is similar in nature to the Art of Truth ability, and if ended with a specific touch at the small of the back at the end it induces a lingering state of ecstasy, leaving only the honest subconscious. The suggestible state lasts only until the state ends with an orgasm.

Memory Weave

Memory Weave is a magic potion that, when drunk, induces a state of hypnosis. The potion's effects last a day but take longer to prepare.

Wolfbann Techniques

The Wolfbann Society practice centuries-old hypnosis techniques, powerful ones that target the subconscious. Practitioners are able to employ a wide variety of techniques, including conversational hypnosis, rapid induction, stealth induction and mass induction. Many Wolfbann techniques require a combination of subtle body sounds or gestures as well as an emphasis on eye contact and keywords, and if done correctly can induce a person not by simply making them sleep but by making them freeze as well.

Hypnosis-Affecting Substances

  • Memory Flash, Magic compound that induces a suggestible state for less than a minute
  • Memory Weave, Magic potion that induces hypnotic state for a day
  • Sapthorn Oil, Can temporarily lower a subject's Hypnosis Rating
  • Transmoxide, Makes a subject naturally willing to be hypnotized even by non-aggressive forms

Known Hypnotists

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