House of Archer

The House of Archer is the royal house of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. The dynasty is of Russian paternal descent and succeeded the House of Hanover as monarchs in the British Empire following the death of Queen Victoria I.


In 1837 Queen Victoria I of the House of Hanover ascended the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at the age of eighteen. Lacking an heir or a husband, in 1840 Victoria I married Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia, who was of the House of Romanov. Victoria's children were recognized as being of the House of Romanov, but anti-Russian sentiment arose during World War I. The children of Sergei and Victoria agreed to rename the house, choosing the name of 'Archer'. While the exact origin of the choice of name is unknown many believe it was chosen due to the bow being seen by the royal house as a symbol of the United Kingdom.

The last king of the House of Archer died in 1970, leading to Victoria Archer's ascension as Queen Victoria II. While Victoria's husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, died in 1986, she had already produced three heirs: George Archer, Edward Archer and Elizabeth Archer. While the House of Archer has maintained the recognized rule of the eldest child being the first to succeed the throne, they have also pushed for awarding titles to female heirs as well as males, and not necessarily giving up family names and titles despite marriage. The general anti-traditionalist nature of the House of Archer has made them some political enemies, and their continued existence as monarchs, even if as figureheads, has also done so.


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