Country: Egypt
City Population: 800
Local Law Enforcement: Egyptian Armed Forces

Hamunaptra is a formerly lost city in Egypt, roughly sixty miles south of Alexandria and as many miles west and slightly north of Al-Jizah. Rediscovered in 2007, Hamunaptra is believed to be the home of the lost pyramid of Nitocris, a thought to be fictional pharaoh in spite of some vague historical record. Three small pyramids were found around the city, one believed to be the tomb of Nitocris while the others were for Pepi II and Merenre, in spite of Pepi II already having a pyramid in south Saqqara. In the center of the pyramids is the Temple of Keys, a monument to Anubis, which has given Hamunaptra the nickname of City of the Dead. Archeological excavation is ongoing with roughly eight hundred diggers, security types and general laborers present per night, the number not including visiting archeologists and tourists. Hamunaptra is roughly two miles off Cairo-Alex Desert Road, near El-Tawheed Village.

As it turns out the Temple of Keys housed many secrets, including the Peacemaker necklaces, the Ring of Anubis and the Fog Key. All were stolen in April of 2009 by various individuals. The city had also been used as a secret drug lab, but that was folded the same month.


  • The city is named after a location of the same name featured in the 1999 film The Mummy, though the location is different. Both were known as City of the Dead.
  • The discovery of Hamunaptra was a bit ignored in international news due to the robbery committed by Erika Stone in Cairo at the same time.
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