Classification: Sub-Machine Gun
Year Introduced: 1966
Country of Origin: Germany
Created By: Heckler & Koch
Caliber: 9×19mm Parabellum
Capacity: 30

The H&K MP5 is a sub-machine gun developed by Hecker & Koch, which has since been adapted for use by various military forces and law enforcement agencies.


The MP5 was the first compact machine gun of its kind, Hecker & Koch developing it after first coming up with similar design techniques for some of their assault rifles. Since the weapon's introduction over one hundred variations of the weapon have been created, some even chambered for 10mm Auto and .40 S&W. While the H&K UMP is considered the successor to the MP5 it still sees wide use all over the world.


International Temporal Enforcement Agency

The International Temporal Enforcement Agency selected the MP5 as their standard sub-machine gun during their foundation, having found a way to modify the weapon to fire Type-7 darts if needed. While the MP5 was the standard for over half a year the Agency has now started to phase in the internally-developed ITEA SM-3 as a possible replacement. New recruits who are more familiar with the traditional MP5 are being allowed to still use it, and the Agency still has several modified versions it has yet to part with.

Triangle Security Services

Triangle Security Services has the MP5 as their standard sub-machine gun for their operatives, though they're working on phasing in the H&K UMP as a possible successor.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation employ MP5 as their standard sub-machine gun for tactical operations.

Parker Reich

Parker Reich has an MP5 she stole from the International Temporal Enforcement Agency, though she generally keeps it for collection purposes.

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