H&K 69
HK 69
Classification: Grenade Launcher
Year Introduced: 1979
Country of Origin: Germany
Created By: Heckler & Koch
Caliber: 40x46mm Grenade
Capacity: 1

The H&K 69 is a grenade launcher developed by Heckler & Koch that is used by several European law enforcement agencies and military forces.


Originally designed as a grenade launcher to be attached to assault rifles, Heckler & Koch later decided to make the 69 a stand-alone weapon. The 69 works as a shoulder-firing grenade launcher with an effective range of nearly 400 meters, and can be chambered for explosives, flash-bangs and smoke grenades.


International Temporal Enforcement Agency

With Type-7 gas becoming a possible weapon the International Temporal Enforcement Agency adopted the H&K 69 to be their primary grenade launcher. While the weapon is limited to one shot the Agency isn't able to justify the use of multi-shot launchers, but has used the weapon on a few large-scale field engagements.

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