The Gorgon Sisterhood is the successor to Ouroboros, formed by Patricia Mero as a secret section of the Stilton Corporation. Unlike Ouroboros the Sisterhood exists to help the Stilton Corporation grow by any means necessary. The Sisterhood primarily operates out of The Sanctum in New York.

Overview and History

After the destruction of Ouroboros and the death of Richard Stilton Patricia Mero took several steps to use the basic idea of Ouroboros but for corporate gain. After using a Type-7 Chip to enslave Maris Stilton and make Patricia the CEO of the Stilton Corporation Patricia recruited Canella Kim and Darcy Keibler, who currently worked for Triangle Security Services, as well as former Ouroboros scientist Sarah Hardy to act as the heads of the new secret society, the Gorgon Sisterhood. Patricia then publically bought out Triangle with the excuse of expanding the Corporation's global security for its resources while in reality to gain access of several skilled field agents for assignments. Architects were also recruited to design a new home for Patricia and her executives in the Stilton in New York, the reality of the situation being to give the new office a Greco-Roman feel and have proper facilities for the Sisterhood's members, naming the facility The Sanctum.

Gorgon Ring

The Gorgon Ring, an item worn by every member of the organization

Wary of betrayals, Patricia insisted that Selena Chandler be her personal escort and had Sarah Hardy develop the Gorgon Ring, a signet that all Sisterhood members are required to wear when in their sanctum. Patricia also chipped Corporation employees who wanted to quit to serve as special slaves for the Sisterhood.



Field Agents

Triangle Security Services Agents






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