Gorgon Ring

A Gorgon Ring is a device developped by the Gorgon Sisterhood that is required to be worn by all members when in the presence of a Sister. The rings are an off-shoot of the Type-7 Chip while also comparable to the Immunity Ring.


The rings feature silver and marble, and on the inverse side of the sigil is a point where a needle is deployed once the ring is put on fully. The ring uses the basic functions of a Type-7 Chip, delivering and regulating Type-7 within a person while able to put the wearer into stasis with a simple remote command. As with chips the rings do grant immunity from Type-7 but aren't designed to block out the effects of a Freeze-Key, rather to offer the basic ability to freeze someone by remote without the need for a chip on the back of a person's neck.


Richard Stilton had required most members of Ouroboros to wear chips in his presence and Patricia Mero wanted something similar to it for the Gorgon Sisterhood, but didn't want the device to be so blatantly unusual. Sarah Hardy designed the rings, taking from the idea of the Sisterhood's naming conventions, also wanting to invoke a sort of secret society identifier.

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