Friendly Reunion
Series: Tucker's Wand
Writer(s): Zero
Link: Deviant Art
Date: Early May, 2009
Preceded By: Assuming Control
Followed By: Erika's Reconnection

Friendly Reunion is the thirty-fourth story in Tucker's Wand. The story focuses on the return of Maggie Yen after being frozen due to the destruction of the Tempus Clock in Time Out of Joint, as well as her introduction to Susie Kim and the status of her relationship with Tucker Holmes. Madison Yen also ends up learning the truth about her sister and the father of her child.


Tucker Holmes manages to complete the new Tempus Clock II for Maggie Yen and Kansas Wilkins, just as he gets a call for help from Cindy Vu and Madison Yen shows up, apparently looking for Maggie. After stopping time with the Wand of Kronos Tucker goes to recruit Susie Kim, who in the process ropes him into helping ring Nadine Vargas. The two go to Cindy's house to discover Ling Yen, Naomi Yen and Lida Wilkins present, looking for Maggie and Kansas. Cindy takes Susie and Tucker to Maggie, Cindy, and Maggie both meeting the former for the first time. While Maggie doesn't seem bothered by being frozen for weeks Kansas freaks out, prompting Susie to ring her. After everyone gets better acquainted they also ring Naomi and Lida but then decide rather than try ring Ling they should go get Madison to help. Along the way to Tucker's House, Tucker freezes everyone but Maggie so they can pay a visit to Persephone's Books, after which they head back on the road. After also introducing Maggie to a frozen Mai Traviss (who'd gotten to know Julie Vaughn a bit better) Tucker unfreezes Madison and they convince her to willingly put on a ring to save time, making her instantly learn several of their secrets before the ring came off. The group, taking a frozen Alana Herrera along for the ride, returned to Cindy's house and were able to get Ling to relax, though she decided to move in for a time. To celebrate the group visited the Los Angeles Legion, spending nearly two full days at the location in a massive orgy, the name of 'Jessika Holmes' even decided for Tucker and Madison's future daughter. After wrapping up Maggie and Tucker vow to remain, friends, though they must accept their relationship has changed. Tucker also makes his peace with Madison before finally unfreezing time to have dinner with Mai, Julie, Haley Leone and Megan Wolff.


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