Freeze Tracker

A Freeze Tracker is a special watch developped by the International Temporal Enforcement Agency that is capable of monitoring the wearer's physical condition and report on it.


The Freeze Tracker is a lithium-battery digital watch with solar recharging capabilities. On the inside of the watch is a small pulse monitor that triggers a special function whenever a certain pace is reached, namely one of non-existence. While typically this would mean death, it also detects when the wearer is in a state of stasis, typically induced by Type-7. From the moment the pulse stops to the moment it starts again a timer tracks the duration and, when the wearer is revived, displays the lost time to allow the wearer to immediately aclimate to the new circumstances.


Hyun Su developped the Freeze Tracker as a side-project while studying the Temporal Gene. Early versions of the watch were completed as early as January 2009 but they lacked the lithium battery and solar cell, both which were properly implemented by March. by April 2009 every International Temporal Enforcement Agency agent should have a Freeze Tracker as standard equipment.

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