Freeze Key

The Freeze-Key is a piece of technology that acts as a deterent to the Type-7 Chip. A Freeze-Key causes any person wearing a chip within a certain radius to freeze in place.


All chips use specific signals, sent through them to the brain, to control their subjects. The Key disables the freedom the chip provides, causing anyone affected by it to be under the typical influence of Type-7 while the chip still keeps the drug from exiting the subject's system. To regain control of a chip affected by the Freeze-Key a signal between it and its controller must be re-established and a non-freeze command must be issued. As blank chips lack controllers this can be a problem if used against them, removing the chip the only way to unfreeze the subject.


While dealing with Interpol on their quest for world domination, the Paradise Foundation hired Karen Draskal to design the Freeze-Key in response to the possible use of chips as protection against Type-7 weaponry. The key and the Time-Stopper were both designed to overcome the chip defense, Karen specifically designing it to target a large area and almost function like an electro-magnetic pulse would against normal electronics. Karen's research was stopped after she'd succeeded in a prototype, the woman ironically chipped as well.

The ITEA has been studying Freeze-Key schematics and even built a few of their own, and are developping ways around its abilities. Ryoshi Tenzo is also experimenting with ways for it to go beyond just targeting chips.


The Freeze-Key is an anti-chip weapon. When activated a shockwave, of adjustable size, disables all control commands for chips in a nearby radius. This allows to make people wearing chips to protect themselves against Type-7 vulnerable without even needing to see them to freeze them. It also stops anyone wearing a chip, enemy or ally, from acting and gives one a chance to get close and remove the devices on the back of their necks.

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