FN P90
FN P90
Classification: Personal Defense Weapon
Year Introduced: 1991
Country of Origin: Belgium
Created By: FN Herstal
Caliber: FN 5.7×28mm
Capacity: 50

The FN P90 is a Personal Defense Weapon developed by FN Herstal, which has since been adapted for use by military and police forces across the globe.


In the 1980s FN Herstal began work on a Personal Defense Weapon, wanting a weapon slightly different than a traditional sub-machine gun. The resulting hybrid was the bullpup P90, which is capable of high armor penetration and rate of fire, but with higher accuracy than a traditional SMG.


Spydoll Inc

Chloe Noi selected the P90 to be the standard automatic weapon used by Spydoll Inc, registering her weapons as private-contract submachine guns. It was only thanks to affiliation with Noi Industries the Spydoll Inc was able to get away with it. The Spydoll P90s are modified to fire Type-7 darts.

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