Electro-Static Rounds are a special bullet-like ammunition designed to disable active Type-7 Chips.


Electro-static rounds are small subsonic sabots that contain a stun-gun style bullet. The bullet, upon impact, unleashes an electrical discharge much like a stun-gun. The charge is designed to overload a chip, resulting in anyone wearing one to only be under the influence of Type-7 and thus freeze, unless the drug immediately passed through their system. The charge effectively destroys the chip, thus it must be replaced for the hit subject to be controlled again. If a non-chipped person is hit with a round it functions like a weaker stun round, usually knocking the target down and shocking them but not doing a continuous shock. However the round could easily be modified to render a non-chipped target unconscious via increase in the round's voltage.


Scott Dawson and Ryoshi Tenzo developped the ammunition, basing it on stun rounds that could be used in shotguns. The original rounds were more needle-like and weren't subsonic, resulting in serious injuries at closer ranges. By the time Ashley Tisdale returned electro-statics were ready for use, loaded into sub-machine guns. The International Temporal Enforcement Agency has since replicated the design after recovering a few spent rounds. Further more Scott has sold the designs to couple weapons firms for profit.


Electro-statics are in some ways superior to other stun rounds, their main advantage being they are smaller and thus can be loaded even into pistols. When it is known that enemies will be using Type-7 chips the ITEA tends to encourage teams to carry at least one clip of static rounds. The weapons are more percise than the Freeze-Key in this regard and can still stun non-chipped people, though with them Type-7 darts or standard stun rounds are recommended instead.